Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) is currently based on the NEO protocol. It is listed on the number of exchanges paired against various cryptos. PHX tokens incentivise content creators of the Red Pulse research platform.

Aelf, or ELF is an Ethereum token and a utility token for Aelf network. Aelf token’s ICO was conducted in 2017. Though the ICO campaign was not public, the token had a good level of acceptance on exchanges. As of now, it is being traded on major exchanges.


Cosmos is a network which connects different distributed ledgers. It means that Cosmos helps to process interblockchain operations. Consensus algorithm used by Cosmos is Proof-of-Stake. Currently, the validators of the Cosmos ecosystem are forming an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. The native token of the Cosmos system is ATOM.

Aragon (ANT) is an ERC-20 token listed on the number of exchanges. At the time of writing, you can trade ANT against USD on the Bitfinex exchange.

Bluzelle is currently based on cryptocurrency Ethereum protocol.
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Sebastian Schepis, the Syscoin founder, built Syscoin 1.0 as a blockchain-based marketplace for buying and selling goods. In its third edition in 2018 it became a fully developed blockchain platform. In 2019, Syscoin 4.0 enables any ERC20 to integrate with its Bitcoin-compliant system to accomplish ultra speed and security.

TokenPay (TPAY) is the token of a decentralized payment platform, which provides fintech companies with technological solutions. It trades on a few exchanges against BTC and USDT.

Aion is currently based on cryptocurrency Ethereum protocol.
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THETA (THETA) coin is the cryptocurrency of the streaming network powering the decentralized video delivery. THETA is listed on multiple Asian exchanges and can be purchased for the South Korean won. THETA can boast solid investors, including Samsung. Being originally an ERC20 token, THETA swapped to its own mainnet in March, 2019.

ChainLink (LINK) is the native currency of the ChainLink platform. It represents an ERC-20 token is listed on multiple exchanges paired against major cryptos. At the time of writing, you can trade LINK against the fiat USD currency on the Coinbase Pro.

An Ethereum token SingularDTV (SNGLS) was released in 2016. As of now, the token is represented on the number of exchanges paired against BTC and ETH.

SpankChain (SPANK) is an ERC-20 token offerd by the SpankChain network. The cryptocurrency pairs including SPANK are available on the number of exchanges. One can also buy the coin in exchange for USD currency, using one of the exchange platforms.

Aeternity (AE) token can be used as a reward for miners and allows its holders to participate in the voting process inside the blockchain. It is also available on multiple exchanges.

AirSwap is a Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based in the USA. The exchange was launched in 2017. It’s reported volume is about 4.5-5 mln. $. The exchange provides peer-to-peer trading and has 3 available trading pairs and 6 coins.

GIFTO (GTO) ERC-20 tokens enable not only buying virtual gifts as its name suggests. With the help of GTO tokens, one can also monetize their content, play games, or donate. Gifto represents a decentralized Ethereum-based protocol allowing creating virtual gifts. You can buy GIFTO (GTO) on multiple exchanges for cryptos.

Released in 2014, Groestlcoin (GRS) cryptocurrency enables private and fast transactions. It is the first coin that activated Lightning Network and SegWit. You can buy GRS for both crypto and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, KRW). This cryptocurrency is listed on multiple exchanges.

Eidoo (EDO) is the utility token that allows to make use of the services offered by the Eidoo network. The token is listed on number of exchanges, including Binance.

Dogecoin (DOGE) was founded in the US in 2013 as a joke but quickly gained a large following. It became a popular cryptocurrency (DOGE) used for tipping the content creators (mainly on Reddit and Telegram). As the creators had no serious plans for their currency they didn't elaborate a roadmap and were not working on the improvement of their project too much. The founder of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer left the project in 2015.

WAX is a purpose-built blockchain and protocol token designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, easier, and safer for all participants. The WAX Blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism and is meant to be fully backward compatible with EOS. The custom features and incentive mechanisms developed by WAX are designed to optimize the blockchain's usability in e-commerce, and encourage voting on guilds and proposals.

NavCoin (NAV) anonymous cryptocurrency operates on its own blockchain and serves as the coin of the NavCoin digital payment platform launched in 2014. It is currently represented on a few exchanges.