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Site: emercoin.com

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Sep 04, 2019

Emercoin (EMC) is the mineable coin based on the Emercoin’s own blockchain. You can convert these coins to other cryptos and back on a few exchanges. Emercoin was launched as early as in 2013 as the Peercoin’s fork.

The issuing company is developing software solutions implemented in the blockchain. The brand wallet is available for both mobile and desktop versions (on all OS). The company claims that their blockchain’s logic cannot be used to write malicious code. Emercoin is proud to have renowned companies among its partners, such as CocaCola. Among numerous plans of the company’s roadmap, we could find integration with Lightning Network. 

The Emercoin's market cap and volume are available on the widget of our partner. The latest EMC price is available on this website. You are welcome to share the feedback and reviews about Emercoin cryptocurrency here.

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