WePower (WPR) is a utility token of the green energy procurement and trading platform WePower. As of now, you can buy this token for other crypto on multiple exchanges, including Binance.

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency with strong cryptography that is supposed to provide high security and privacy. At some point, Zcash was endorsed by Edward Snowden and Roger Ver. Zcash is a Bitcoin fork and it exists since 2016. The mechanism providing privacy is called zero-knowledge proofs (or zk-SNARKS).

Zcoin is an open-source mineable privacy coin and featured by many exchanges. Zcoin is based on the proprietary blockchain.

Zilliqa is currently based on cryptocurrency Ethereum protocol.
You can check Zilliqa's market cap and volume on widget of our partner.
Also you can see the latest ZIL price on Cryptogeek.info. You can leave your feedback and reviews about Zilliqa cryptocurrency here.

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