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May 22, 2020

Coinspot wallet is a special service provided by Coisnpot exchange. It provides a hot wallet for every coin its exchange is currently trading. Alongside with crypto, it also supports the Australian Dollar. Currently ,CoinSpot wallet has more than 60 coins and tokens. Built-in exchange is an additional feature of the wallet as well as 2FA for the additional security. The only language available is English.

Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate in a few minutes
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User reviews
Riksha 12 September, 2:03 PM

I gotta say that I like the speed of the wallet. Good service.

Sarik 8 September, 12:43 PM

It needs more advertisement, not many people knows about this convenient wallet.

Inga 13 August, 6:30 PM

Good feature to traid with aud, it helps to diversify my funds.

Tratata 3 August, 8:16 PM

Fast wallet without having big issues so far. I wish they aren't stopping provide a good service.

Vevo 26 June, 5:55 PM

Not bad, I gotta say. Nothing special, but it's quite stable. No strange maintenance or pending. I like.

Korea 28 May, 10:01 PM

The good variety of pairs. All the main pairs are here. I hope it won't close like my previous wallet)

Delbert 6 September 2019, 8:54 PM

I found this wallet accidentally and I decided to try. I like the interface I thought it’s a good one. I didn’t find any big failures, the support works well too. The most important thing is the opportunity to use FIAT.

Joanne Weaver 6 September 2019, 5:45 PM

I just wanted to convert fiat to crypto and this wallet perfectly match for that. The prices on the platform relatively low and it has a great support center. They helped many times and I appreciate it.

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Coinspot Wallet Reviews