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By Cryptogeek | 05 Sep

KuCoin is a relatively new exchange that started to operate in the mid-2017. The team behind the project is claimed to be experienced in the blockchain research since 2013. KuCoin has more than a hundred coins listed as well as about 400 active Markets. 

The exchange offers its users a number of order types to give traders tools for every possible scenario. The advanced mode functions are Post Only, Time in Force, Hidden Order, Iceberg Order. To secure users’ information and funds KuCoin also provides SMS authentication and device trust system. The project has a wide community and call itself 'The People's Exchange'. Yet, some users complain about difficult communication with support due to its low English level. 

Hong Kong

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13 October, 10:25 AM

I get tired while I using Kucoin. I like the support and mobile app, but I definitely don’t like this puzzled level of the security. In order to make any actions I am supposed to enter a mass of information including password, google number and so on. That’s awesome that exchange is trying to protect the users. But sometimes I lose any desire to trade when I am asked to complete all this procedures.

7 October, 11:49 AM

I only can say good thing about Kucoin. The dev team has done a great job. It’s a big pleasure to use the mobile app or communicating with the support. Kucoin has to be considered as one the best cryptoexchange on the market.

5 October, 9:36 AM

Kucoin is a good service to transfer and withdraw money. I like the way they developing the exchange ; new tradings feature, mobile app and so on. The exchange is a credible and I trust it.

4 October, 9:42 AM

Kucoin has got a great feature; it’s a carefully structured KYC process. Everything is a clear and fast as well. It didn’t take much time and I appreciate it. You’ll be ready to trade within the day or two after the initiating the procces.

3 October, 9:32 PM

Kucoin is a transparent exchange. Kucoin provides an official support on the different place including the social networks and the own website. All the system works correctly and I got the responds both in facebook and Kucoin site. That’s a good professional approach and the exchange deserves much more traders then it has it now.

2 October, 9:34 PM

There something to be done with the website. It’s an appropriate. I can see some coins and then I’d like to buy them. But I log in and the page doesn’t work and I can’t do that. I’ve tried all the ways to overcome this situation and none of them has helped me. I don’t use the Kucoin because they don’t allow me to do that.

2 October, 12:41 PM

Kucoin is a robust exchange. Since January 2018 I haven't got any problems or obstacles thus far. I don't know what to say because everything is great, the support, the mobile app the trading platform are absolutely fantastic. I haven't known that exchange is able to work so perfect.