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By Cryptogeek | 10 Sep

Altilly is a Hong Kong based exchange. It was launched in 2018. The exchange has a big variety of coins (about 300). Despite that variety, the liquidity of the platform is quite low, fluctuating within 80 – 100 k $ per day. Altilly exchange is not available for traders from the USA. 

The exchange has a competitive fee structure. It’s got 0.1% for takers, but there is no fee for makers. Moreover, makers can get paid for trading here, Therefore the exchange is encouraging traders to invest. The withdraw fee is to 0.0003 BTC when the trader is trying to withdraw BTC. Fiat deposits are not available on the exchange. Margin trading option is not available on the exchange. In order to make any operations on the platform, you’ll be asked to complete the KYC verification. 

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12 October, 1:02 PM

I've been dealing with exchange not so long, just a couple of month. The website and the support were helpful, I have made 5 transactions and 2 withdrawals of BTC. I haven't lost any funds so it means that the exchange isn't a scum at least and I can go on trading.

6 October, 10:45 AM

There isn't a proper information about this exchange, i didn't understand where they are from and who's behind this platform. They say It supports a lot of coins and tokens, but do they really support them? I really doubt it.

5 October, 10:05 AM

I don't know what exactly is the problem, but I cannot visit the website of the exchange from all the browser which I have. I used to look through the page once but then I've lost the access. That's a pity, I was about to deposit some funds but now I can't

4 October, 7:33 PM

Altilly is a strange place with a lot of strange coins, I've never seen a name some of them. In that case, the chart of the exchange shows the strange digits and data, I wouldn't believe this information. There are plenty of things that are very suspicious.

3 October, 9:31 AM

I have been using the exchange for a while and I noticed that the data on my work screen no longer appears correctly, even the balance of my account. I am sure that I had more funds then the account shows me, I ve checked the data of my income and outcome operations and still have no idea what's going with my money, that's a weird, the support still hasn't responded me and I'm really worried.

1 October, 4:56 PM

The exchange with the big variety of the coins. Actually, I think some of them is not the credible coins at all. But the number of them is astonishing. Apart form that, the old coins like eth or btc work fine. The exchange provides a great level of the support. In my opinion, the exchange is a great one