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By Cryptogeek | 10 Sep

Alterdice is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The exchange was launched in 2018. Its reported volume is about 40 mln. $. It supports 96 Trading Pairs and 36 Coins. 

Alterdice does not accept traders from the USA. The platform is available as an app; it’s already got an app on IOS and Android. 

Alterdice charges takers 0.20% and makers 0.10%. The exchange has its own structure of withdrawal fee. For Bitcoin, the fixed fee is 0.0001 BTC + 0.10% of the amount. The minimum withdrawal fee is always 0.0005 BTC. 

Alerdice doesn’t accept any other deposit method than cryptocurrencies. In addition it doesn't have Fiat deposits option. Margin trading option is available on the exchange. The platform demands KYC for trading. 


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13 October, 5:32 PM

Cool exchange, i like the way it looks and works. From time to time I am using the android app it pulls this off as well. Definitely, I am not going to stop trading on this platform.

Carl dadario
12 October, 6:09 PM

Alterdice is developing in the right direction. The design and interface of the platform looks modern and useful. They have a chat in telegram and it really helpful thing. Sometimes, I can find the answer to my question just to scroll down the Chat without actually asking the question. The exchange is convinient and I like being here.

10 October, 10:44 AM

The activation of the account is a fast procedure. It took me just 10 minutes. Then I was able to use the exchange both on the site and mobile app. Everything is simple and functional.

6 October, 5:42 PM

More or less it works fine, it could be Better, if they improve the app, because it's difficult to work with when it shows the that the app is temporarily unavailable. In addition, I wish the transactions are completed faster.

5 October, 1:55 PM

For the new exchange it has a big liquidity. I though, maybe it's a fake, but I checked it and it looks real. Then, it's great to see that. It's worth to trade here, i guess.

4 October, 10:36 AM

The exchange is actually fine. I deposited LTC and, and transfered some BTC as well. The operations were completed without any issues. In addition, I'd note the web site, it looks cool. Check it out.