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Jun 08, 2020

Trezor is an offline device used to store crypto crypto private keys. Trezor is a top secure hardware wallet that works on Windows 8+, macOS, Android and Linux. It is connected to an USB port of your computer via cable. 

Trezor supports hundreds of digital coins. Trezor One and Trezor Model T are the two types of Trezor wallet. While the Trezor One has a small screen and two buttons, the Model T has a touch screen and supports more coins and features.


Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate in a few minutes
  • PIN-authentication is required for all operations with both public and private keys.
  • Passphrase and recovery seed
  • Universal 2FA
  • Secure encryption and powerful cryptography
  • Regular firmware updates

At the time of writing, one can buy Trezor One for 59 Euro and Trezor Model T for 177 Euro. The wallet is designed by SatoshiLabs.

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User reviews
Abra 19 May, 9:51 AM

I bought it a year ago and it was a good investment. It looks like am ordinary flash driver but it keeps money. Total secure and extremely simple in use. The device is cool.

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Country: International
Launched: 2013
Security: Personal
Anonymity: Medium
Features: Open Source, 2 Factor Authentication
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Trezor Wallet Reviews