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Jun 04, 2020

TokenPocket is a decentralized multi-chains wallet for Apple and Android that was founded in 2018 and in Singapore. TokenPocket supports EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT, with built-in exchange and OTC service.

The wallet has many features including voting, transfers, Ram trading, inbuilt exchange, asset management, Dapp store, and market info. The private key is stored in your device and protected with many layers of encryption. The platform is translated into English and Chinese languages.

With TokenPocket you can:

Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate in a few minutes
  • Create or import a wallet. You may use TokenPocket to create a new wallet or import wallets generated by other wallet application. You may only import wallets with Tokens which are supported by TokenPocket.
  • Transfer and receive Tokens. You may manage your digital Tokens by using the transfer and reception functionalities of TokenPocket, i.e., you may revise the blockchain ledger by signing with your Private Key.
  • Observe the quotation. You may use TokenPocket to observe the quotation of the Tokens supported by TokenPocket. The quotation of each Token is captured by TokenPocket from the corresponding exchange and is displayed in the “Market” column on TokenPocket.
  • Manage Tokens. You may use TokenPocket to add, manage or delete the Tokens (except ETH) supported by TokenPocket.
  • Browse DApps. Users may use TokenPocket to visit and use the services provided by DApps (including DApps developed by TPF and DApps developed by third parties).
  • Transaction records. TokenPocket will copy all or part of your transaction records from the blockchain system. However, Users must refer to the blockchain system for the latest transaction records.

TokenPocket has friendly customer support, that is ready to assist you in case of any difficulties. You can forward your requests to [email protected] or ask your question on Facebook or Twitter.

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User reviews
Senit 21 June, 10:34 AM

I like that they have a good Android app. It provides a full wallet information in the app. No need to use the desktop version.

Martin 2 April, 10:53 AM

I am holding my coins there, support is ok.

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