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Expert Review
Jul 15, 2020

Coinapult is a currently non-functioning wallet. Its website published an announcement about cessation of services in 2018. Following this, lock Coinapult accounts with USD, GPB and EUR denomination became available with Mycelium. 

Coinapult used to offer fiat deposit and withdrawals for crypto owners.

The Twitter media of the Coinapult wallet has not seen any updates since mid-2017. 

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User reviews
David 22 July 2020, 10:01 AM

I had stil a Coinapult wallet from a couple of years back and wanted to use it again. So I sent a BTC amount to it and that was no problem. But when I wanted to send it again, the status stays on processing. Where are my BTC now and is there a chance I can get them back. If not, it's just criminal.

Mr Paul Tilley
19 February, 3:09 PM
Totally the same here! I was so excited to get my coin and then no way for me to get it. I am so p***ed off about this, its just sat there doing nothing
Tatjana Mihailovic
9 February, 7:04 PM
Hallo David,
I have as well one BTC account by Coinapult since 4 years that i did not used. Now I want to get back my BTC from this account and to transfer to some more secure platform . Did you maange to get back your BTC from coinapult .. Thanks for answer
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Coinapult Wallet Reviews