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Country: International
Launched: 2018
Pairs: 800
Mobile app: -
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Sep 29, 2020

Vertex.Market is a platform for international peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies. One of the company's prime goals is making fiat money withdrawals and deposits as easy as possible. Vertex strives not only to provide an intuitive interface for such transactions but also to make them quick and cheap. The solution of Vertex was to create a p2p marketplace as the best possible way to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency and vice-versa effortlessly.

Vertex.Market was founded in 2018. Currently, the platform is available in most of the countries. Vertex takes payments via Paypal, Revolut, Google Pay, QIWI, SEPA transfer, Skrill, Apple Cash, Webmoney, credit card, wire transfer, and a number of other methods. In total there are around 40 payment methods so everyone will likely find a convenient way to cash in/out. The platform supports trading Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, and TUSD against fiat money.

The interface is quite clean. The homepage provides a menu at the top of the page. It has the following tabs: Sell, Buy, and Sign In/Sing Up. In the Sell/Buy tabs one needs to specify the desired exchange currency and choose the proper payment method. By default, the website displays all the available offers. Choosing proper currencies and/or payment methods will significantly reduce the available offers showing only the desired ones. In the Offers table, the user sees the cryptocurrency, the limit of the offer, the price, payment type, and the offer user's data (nickname, country, and if the user is verified).

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To secure the user funds from scammers, the company provides insurance. It may cover the possible losses associated with scamming while trading or the account hack.


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User reviews
Jonathan 19 January 2021

I used it to trade BTC to EUR and it worked very well and I was able to withdraw my funds without any issue

Hugo Alvades 29 December 2020

Recent peaks taken by reviving cryptos greatly inspired me to start buying digital coins once again. Once I did it a long time ago when Bitcoin demonstrated its first impressive growth. Now it’s doing it once again alongside other cryptos.
I occasionally discovered Vertex online and it was a pleasant surprise. A very low 0,5% fee, a direct access to private buyers and sellers, not to mention 25 payment methods to choose from - that’s not a complete list of benefits I obtained from this p2p2 exchange.

Nicker 2 December 2020

I'm using this exchange for quite a long time now, as I like that there you can check different offerings and prices and choose that one you prefer the most. For example, the price for bank card payment method is usually lower than for payment systems. I don't know why, but that's the fact. And there's constant competition on the market, so the prices are almays under pressure and they're going down (within a reasonable limit, but the fact that in Vertex prices are a little better is a fact). Of course that would be no significant difference with the worldwide price, but 3-5% discount is also a big win. Nuff said, that's a great option for buyers, as you can choose among different prices, different payment methods and even different users.
That's the point that's highlighted in a lot of Vertex reviews, but I haven't found no info about the creating of your own offerings. Are there any restrictions? Or you're free to create offering once you sign up?

Patrick Poulain 21 November 2020

In fact, I had long doubts about whether I should try it, because I am more used to traditional trading. But then I tried it once, then the second one, and finally I realized that it brings me pleasure and income. And this is exactly what I was looking for. In general, I can't say anything special about the service itself, it should be tried. But I did not encounter any surprises here.

Diego Antares 29 October 2020

I'm exchanging crypto with Vertex sometimes, for personal use. As Vertex is the only one exchange I used - I can't compare it with any other, I think that would be just unfair, as I don't know what services are runned by other exchanges. However, my subjective opinion about Vertex is good, I faced no problems, just exchange that works and do what it's supposed to do.
What I really liked is that you can not only choose offer with the tastiest price, but also choose selllers by location and payment method. That's rly convenient. Btw. before exchanging with Vertex I've checked some reviews, they were mostly positive

Country: International
Launched: 2018
Pairs: 800
Mobile app: -