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Country: Singapore
Launched: 2018
Volume: $ 107,783,690.0
Pairs: 167
Mobile app: iOS, Android
Expert Review
May 29, 2020

Bitrue is a crypto exchange with offices in Thailand, Singapore, and other countries. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether are major coins of this exchange platform. 

Its website is translated into English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. You can buy cryptos with a credit card at Bitrue. 

Its general trading fee is 0.098% for most crypto pairs. Bitrue does not provide services for the residents of the People’s Republic of China, as well as New York and Texas states of the USA. 

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Bitrue has developed an investment tool called Power Piggy allowing you to lock-up the deposit. Bitrue also performs as a lending service.

Our Score
Functionality 4 / 5
Reputation 4 / 5
Security 4 / 5
Support 3 / 5
Fees 5 / 5
Our Score
4.0 / 5
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User reviews
iheb 5 April, 6:16 PM

The best exchange.

Haifa 5 April, 6:06 PM

Bitrue is a great exchange, I never had a problem with them.

iheb 5 April, 6:04 PM

i love bitrue and the power peggy with their 7.3% APY for BTR coin it's very easy to use it. BTR coin to the moon.

Jack 31 March, 10:56 PM

In the XYM airdrop, Bitrue has delayed the distribution way behind other exchanges without responses, and later falsely announced that it is finally complete but none of their users received it. The users are forced to log a ticket before they look into each individual account to credit the missing tokens. With this delay and staggered distribution (if you did log a ticket), the users who received them later are only able to trade them at a rate 40% lower than at the start.

Cryptocraxy 26 March, 2:55 PM

I love Bitrue , been using it for a long time...people always make mistakes and blame long as you double check your info .everything is great and they helped me recover money . Amazing exchange and power piggy is A++ earn passive income

Cmocnotes 23 March, 4:57 AM

They promised yield farming for SAND tokens and BTR tokens at a very nice offer, so in advance i got both tokens ready in my wallets, and the second it launched on bitrue i spammed trying so hard to get it to work, but was met with only error after error, and its saying now the max is too low, and it can no longer be done. Sucks that i got screwed out of thousands of dollars and days of my time all because the developers down at bitrue genuinely arent smart or competent enough to follow through on their basic promises. Dont use bitrue, and dont buy their coin. Youll lose money due to their failures and their support will refuse to answer you the exact same they did to me. Find any other platform

Miro 18 March, 3:58 PM

Bitrue is a scammer.I passed the KYC1 and KYC2 verification.Depositing and trading is okay but the big problem is when you try to withdraw your assets.They will increase the minimum tokens/coins needed for withdrawal way more than what you have in their exchange.In my case I spent $87 worth of ETH and converted it to 11,258 HOT tokens.But Bitrue wants me to spend another $700 more to meet the minimum for withdrawal which is 77696,359744 HOT tokens.I submitted a ticket 3 times and sent email to customer support with no action coming from them.Now my own money are being held hostage.Good thing I only spent less than $100.I tried buying and then withdraw the same tokens and amount from another exchange with no problem at all with small minimum withdrawal requirements.I will not recommend BITRUE unless you have plenty of money to waste.BEWARE!!

I have attached a screenshot of my withdrawal attempts.

Review image
SG 22 February, 8:27 AM

This site is a scam. They take all your personal identification including documents like passport and then have the payment section reject transactions. Do NOT use.

XrpLastDragon 22 February, 2:39 AM

Love it! It still offers XRP in USA! Xrp to the moon...

Roy 19 April 2020, 9:07 PM

I didn't have intention to trade here a lot, but I get used to it. It's easy and it doesn't demand some headache procedure to complete any actions. I like it.

Country: Singapore
Launched: 2018
Volume: $ 107,783,690.0
Pairs: 167
Mobile app: iOS, Android