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Jul 06, 2020

GreenAddress is a crypto app used to manage L-BTC and USDT. There is no need to register with the wallet to use it. 

GreenAddress wallet is compatible with Android and Apple devices as well as Linux and Windows platforms. Using GreenAddress, one can send their transactions with optimized adjustable smart fees. Larger payments will require the two-factor authentication to get processed. It’s possible to provide “watch-only” access to one’s account with GreenAddress. 

The hardware wallet support is enabled with GreenAddress. It's possible to verify transactions on a user's node and process them on Bitcoin's testnet.

Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate in a few minutes

The two signatures are required to send funds out of an account: the one from the user and another one from GreenAddress. A user can countersign a transaction.

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User reviews
Tygo 22 August, 9:43 AM

In linux it opens without any problem. Good thing

micheldelsent 7 July, 9:14 PM

Force close on Windows after import seed.

In Android acuse Phishing! I lost all my bitcoins.


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GreenAddress Wallet Reviews