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Country: International
Launched: 2013

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Written by Richard

Financial journalist

Aug 23, 2019

Armory is a free Bitcoin cold wallet supporting multi-signature. It is an open source protocol utilizing high-end protection features. Historically Armory is one of the earliest efficient cold storage cryptocurrency wallets. This wallet has a reputation of one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets. Armory doesn't support any cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin (BTC).

Armory allows to create multiple addresses which can be used for separate transactions or to avoid using the same address for the coins needed for separate purposes. Private keys can be optionally kept offline.

Once a user shares her/his Bitcoin address with others she/he is ready to receive payments. There's “Receive Bitcoin” button in the Armory interface. After tapping this button user should choose a proper wallet to receive the payment. The address can be copied and pasted or turned into a QR code that can be sent as a text. "Send Bitcoin" option has a bar for pasting of the receiver's Bitcoin address. A user simply fills this bar and sends a certain amount of coins. All transactions are sent and received directly.

Armory has no 2-step authentication feature and doesn't work on mobile devices.

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Zach 31 October, 10:48 PM

The interface is really cool and easy to use. It would be better if you can store other currencies than BTC. But in any way it's nice.

I am the Zebra 6 September, 6:41 PM

I’ve read, that is one the most credible wallet. So, I get started to use it and that’s ok. App is quite good and easy to use. Unfortunately, they can support only BTC, I’ll be glad to store other currencies.

Kate 6 September, 8:49 AM

Good app. First of all, it’s easy to use. There is no some kind of long and difficult verifications I’ve just downloaded and installed it. I can store here only BTC, but I don’t need more at that moment. Don’t face any complication here.

Jonathan 23 August, 2:58 PM

As soon as I learned of the existence of cold wallets I realized that it's the only right way to store my BTC. I've downloaded Armory and years after I have never had to regret this decision. This wallet is superb.