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Launched: 2016
Expert Review
May 26, 2020

Ethermine contributes to the same mining pool as Ethpool and this pool provides around a quarter of the hashrate used for the mining of Ether. In other words, this pool is the largest Ethereum mining pool. 

The pool collects 1 from each reward the miner gets. The minimum payout can be regulated by the user (0.05 - 10 ETH) and the coins will be withdrawing automatically.

The pool provides servers in the US and Eurasia.

Our Score
Ease of use 5 / 5
Security 4 / 5
Fees 3 / 5
Reputation 4 / 5
Our Score
4.0 / 5
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User reviews
Miner 69 28 March 2021

Tried ethermine for 24 hours now and the pay is 1/10 I get with same hash rate mining same coin on Kryptex...

Gorda 24 January 2021

Вчера пул показывал "Unpaid Balance 0.00967", а сегодня показывает "Unpaid Balance 0.00084". Я не собираюсь тратит время для выяснения факта мошенничество - списание средства со счета - со стороны администрации пула.

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Holderg 14 March 2020

It's great to see that I'm able to use in the US. That's a big advantage , many pools are blocked, but this one works, cool.

Chill 12 March 2020

I've just started and I gotta I like how it works, the design and support are quite good I don't know weather it'll bring me something, but I like using so fat

Femd 9 March 2020

The pools rewards can be seemed not so high as it promised, but after 4 months I can say that my overall rewards increased, the pool really works.

Launched: 2016