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Jun 03, 2020

Fork News is a media platform dedicated to the news associated with DLT technologies. Moreover, the platform provides lots of educational articles on cryptocurrency, trading, programming, ICO campaigns, hacking, mining, consensus protocols, blockchain and other topics from the DLT sphere. The website is available in three languages — English, Russian, and Georgian. The use of Fork News is free and requires no subscription.

Besides the main website, Fork News uses the following platforms to share the original materials: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Disqus.

Interface & Navigation

The interface of Fork News is quite convenient. The upper part of the website has a horizontal menu where visitors can switch one of the tabs. They are homepage, search field, a tab "For Newbies", a catalog of articles, and the language switcher. The Newbies tab contains the articles with recommendations, guides, and theory. So far there are around detailed 100 texts in this tab. In the "Catalog of Articles" tab there is a topic menu that includes humor, security, events, mining, altcoins reviews, Bitcoin, payment systems, regulation. wallets, stock, and so on. Totally there are 32 topics. The same page contains the list of Fork News authors.

Below there's a horizontal line of trading pairs and their prices which are updating in real-time. The same line can also be found at the very bottom of the page. That's quite a good idea because visitors won't have to scroll back and forth if they want to see the prices as this information is always near.

Below there are the article covers. All of them are black and white which is a good idea as the overall impression of the webpage is that it's pleasant and not motley. When the visitor directs cursor on the image it becomes colored. Each image contains tags showing the date of publication and the number of views.

Fork News homepage

On the right from the blocks of images and headlines, there is a vertical list of the freshest headlines with the time of release. It helps to take a snap glance at the most recent news about the crypto market. Below there are the newest posted videos and think pieces.

Close to the bottom of the page, one will find the editor's choice of articles. At the very bottom, there are Fork News social media links, email addresses needed for contacting the platform, and so on. The business owners can find an email address for advertising inquiries. Bloggers are welcomed to use Fork News materials (but the reference to the original source is a must).

In general, the navigation is basic, comfortable, and nice. The lack of a big number of ads is another great feature of Fork News. Nothing distracts visitors from the search for the needed information.


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