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Country: Netherlands
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Jul 28, 2020

All Crypto Whitepapers is the largest database of white papers and other technical documentation associated with the cryptocurrency projects. The platform's hyperledger is decentralized. Currently, it has over 3 thousand documents. The company poses itself as the first platform to go to when searching for documentation from any cryptocurrency project. According to the All Crypto Whitepapers website, the database contains the whitepapers of literally all the cryptocurrencies that are traded on the market.

Such a platform is vital for those who want to invest in one of the ICO projects because it is quite a handy way to read through the self-representational texts provided by each project. In whitepapers companies usually give a detailed description of what they are capable of and what they are going to achieve. They provide some info about the technology they use. Moreover, from whitepapers future investors can learn such data as the location of the project's headquarters, read about the team members, and so on. Another important part of almost any whitepaper is the reference to the improvements made by the project if we compare it with predecessors. Besides potential investors, All Crypto Whitepapers can be interesting for people doing research on the cryptocurrency market.

The All Crypto Whitepapers website contains the following sections: 

  • Whitepaper Overview (the list of the projects with links to respective whitepapers)
  • Whitepaper of the Week (each week this section is updated showcasing a whitepaper of a certain cryptocurrency with a short commentary by the platform experts)
  • What Is Whitepaper? (this section provides a detailed explanation of the whitepaper notion)
  • News (that's where users can see the freshly added whitepapers or the news about the new projects)
  • Bitcoin FAQ (this section contains a detailed description of the very first cryptocurrency)




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User reviews
Semn 7 February 2021

Good database.

Nami 27 December 2020

Good thing to check the relevant crypto's update.

Egelar 1 November 2020

That's what I've been looking all the time. All the cryptos white papers are here.

Country: Netherlands
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