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Country: Hungary
Launched: 2016
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Jun 11, 2020

Bitcoin Bázis is Hungary's leading crypto and digital payment portal that was founded in 2016. The service is an independent media with Hungarian reporters from different parts of Europe. The area of Bitcoin Bázis ​​interest is all about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. In the articles you can find the latest news and trend analysis, price movements, technologies, businesses, and people presented in the digital currency sector.

On the website users can find a bitcoin price index that is based on universally accepted criteria and serves as a reference for those operating in the crypto segment. The portal also covers current traditional finance topics, such as monetary policies and macro- and micro economical outlooks, and nurtures an apolitical, neutral tone with a slight tendency towards internet freedom, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, internet privacy, hacker culture, and cypherpunk views.

If you are new to the bitcoin and digital currency universe, Bitcoin Bázis has prepared the simple guides for you on What Bitcoin Is, Why It Is Useful, Where You Can Buy Bitcoin, and Where You Can Spend It. The service has also embraced the topic of Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Mining Machines and Bitcoin Transactions to give the readers the fullest picture possible. Also, the service provides an insight into the world of the 700+ different altcoins, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple community.

Bitcoin Bázis strives for original entries, obtain the credentials from third-party sources, and strive to present original opinions. You can see the Bitcoin Bázis Editorial Policy.

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User reviews
Martin Alekseevich 1 March 2021

A lot of interesting content

Country: Hungary
Launched: 2016