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Country: Russia
Launched: 2014
Site: yobit.net

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Sep 10, 2019

Yobit is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in the Russia. The exchange was launched in 2014. Its reported volume is about 26983082 $ as for 8 October 2019. Yobit has 6581 available trading pairs and 331 coins. Deposits are Depends on currency and volume on the exchange. Yobit have Fiat deposits option. Margin trading option is not available on the exchange. The exchange has 3.4 score on Trustpilot, based on 10 reviews. Yobit is quite active in social media, with more than 165000 Twitter followers. You can leave your review about Yobit here.

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Gerrat 12 January, 1:14 PM

I'll join all other negative comments here. My issue is the same, I've lost acces to my funds and account and the support is totally ignoring me. Maybe, we have to do something together to find out the residention of the exchange and demand them to give back the money. They are thievs.

Sergio 6 October, 7:06 PM

Yobit is a blackhole of the cryptoworld. The funds are sucked into it and never come back. I have some funds but I realized that all the time some part of them just missing. I see that there are some strange commission - I can buy coin for the one price but then I see that the price has increased. I was told in the ticket that’s the ordinary process of buying but I haven’t seen something on the other exchange. Don’t know what it is, but I have no desire to spend my money on this ‘’weird’’ and ‘’ordinary’’ procedure.

Jorje 3 October, 9:34 PM

Tried to withdraw ETH but it hasn’t been finished yet. I’ve been waiting for 6 days and it still the same pending. I can’t reach the support I’ve sent them a dozen tickets and haven’t received any proper answer. That’s not an example of a great service.

Alex 1 October, 5:22 PM

I had some successful transactions and withdrawals. But eventually I faced the same problem as many did. My funds were frozen for no reason just like that. I got some ETH and my coins just gone. There is no responds from the support. I wonder is there any kind of the support?Because I don’t know how I able to back the money.

Nics 29 September, 7:38 PM

Yobit had a perspective platform once, but now we are witnessing the big problems. The exchange allows adding a lot of doubtful coins and it makes the exchange a place with a doubtful reputation. In addition, even the proper coins like eth or btc are being traded hardly. I am wondering how the exchange is going to solve this problem. But, I don’t see any solutions so far.

Jermain 27 September, 6:56 PM

The exchange was good enough some time ago. At that moment we can see that the platform has stopped developing. There are permanent issues with the pending and fake coins. It’s extremely frustrating.

Vaily 25 September, 8:02 PM

The dev team doesn’t want to work as I can see. I cannot get any explanation of what’s going on with the exchange. I have no chance to do any actions without losing money. Some pending, limits, verification are pissing me off all the time. Don’t know how someone is able to trade here.

Olly 24 September, 7:51 PM

Where is the support here?The other exchange have a trollbox and online supports chat but not these guys. There is a ticket service but it doesn’t work at all. As I can see nobody can reach them.

kmalo 23 September, 7:57 PM

I didn’t have a great trade experience here. Everything works too slowly. I was lucky enough and my transactions were completed successfully. But it was too long I thought it would never happen. The exchange must fix it. Otherwise they will lose their traders.

andrew 23 September, 7:20 PM

Youbit had a bad publicity and I understand why. I had some BTC in my account and one day I see that 2 BTC was gone and I was asked to complete some form of the verification in order to get them back. I was told that this amount was frezeed for a while and it’s the common procedure. But it’s almost impossible to complete it! They have just the ticket service and it’s hard to get any feedback from them. My money was literally stolen and I have nothing to do with that.