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Dec 22, 2021

The World Exchange is an exchange in name only. There are no back-end servers that process, receive, transact, or store any information. We chose the name to help the general public see past the buzzwords and better visualize just what blockchain is capable of in everyday use. In actuality, the site is simply a user interface to the already existing Ripple network, a blockchain technology that, like many others, is not only a currency but a full-fledged, decentralized exchange. It serves as a replacement and spiritual successor to the former official XRP wallet, RippleTrade, which is no longer available and leaves few other pure vanilla XRP wallets that have the full functionality of Ripple as demonstrated here.

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User reviews
Aadam Gallegos 20 Jan

I've been using this company for a long time. The service itself works well and without delays. This is a great interface for instant transactions that does what it promises.

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