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Genaro Network (GNX) Price and Reviews

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May 23, 2020

Genaro Network (GNX) is an Ethereum token. This token is paired against other crypto on the number of exchange platforms. There is also the Genaro Network token available on the project’s own blockchain after the mainnet. 

The Genaro network represents a smart data ecosystem, allowing developers deploying smart contracts, as well as store and manage data. The Genaro network’s development, G-Box represents a smart Data Client and is available on both Android and iOS. Genaro offers a range of products, including an encrypted email box, private cloud storage, etc.  

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Market cap: $ 9,785,284.755
Supply: 650,000,000.0
Price (USD): $ 0.151
Volume 24h: $ 546,880.58889
Change 24h: 11.67%
Smart contract address: 0x6ec8a24cabdc339a06a172f8223ea557055adaa5
Total supply: 675,000,000.0
Total coins mined: 650,000,000.0
Is trading: yes
Block reward: 0.0
Genaro Network (GNX) logo

Genaro Network (GNX) Price and Reviews