The largest BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has leaked user data

The largest BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has leaked user data
Apr 22, 2020 1
The largest BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange has leaked user data

The largest exchange of Bitcoin derivatives BitMEX has a user data leak. Some users received emails containing the email addresses of other platform clients.

Representatives of the exchange assured that they took "immediate action" to fix the problem. The scale of the leak has not yet been reported.

Some Twitter users posted screenshots of emails received:

It can be assumed that BitMEX employees forgot to put the recipients of the email bulk notifications in a “hidden copy” of the mail, which is why the privacy of users was compromised.

Other market players also reacted to the leak. So, the Binance exchange encouraged its users to change their email addresses if they are used for accounts on several exchanges. At the same time, Binance did not directly indicate whether this is due to BitMEX problems.

A Twitter user with the nickname Crypto Loomdart noted that hackers can take advantage of an address leak:

Bring to mind, that earlier this year, a massive leak of user data occurred on the YouHodler cryptocurrency landing platform - more than 86 million records were leaked to the network. Be careful with your data.


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