Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2021-2025 - Buy or Not?

Dec 22, 2020 0
Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2021-2025 - Buy or Not?

Cardano is one of the top blockchain platforms. Cardano coin (ADA) is one of the leaders of the cryptocurrency market. The project was created by the ex-developers of Ethereums. Throughout the time since its launch, Cardano has been evolving with the help of a dedicated team deploying a research-focused approach to the design of the platform.

The very fact that Cardano was created by professionals who preferred a new platform to successful Ethereum means that this platform was incepted as a revolutionary service. At the same time, the fact that now Cardano is one of the most notable projects on the cryptocurrency market means that the ambitions were justified and the investors are dying to know what the future holds for ADA.

The good news is that predicting the future prices of certain currencies is possible to some extent. To plan the investments properly it's important to analyze the past performance of the price and consider all the known upcoming events that can seriously influence the value of Cardano. But first, let's make a closer acquaintance with the coin.

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  1. Cardano Features
  2. Past Performance
  3. Price Prediction

Cardano Features

Cardano is a patent-free open-source blockchain platform capable of executing smart contracts. In 2014, the co-founder of Ethereum John Hoskinson left to work on a new project. Cardano is based on the innovative and secure Haskell programming language. Cardano was launched in 2017 after the successful ICO campaign which raised $60 million. The platform team made it easier to upgrade the network by separating the layer executing smart contracts (Cardano Computation Layer) from the layer associated with the financial operations (Cardano Settlement Layer). Cardano deploys the unusual consensus protocol Proof-of-Stake Ouroboros that requires all the ADA holders to participate in voting. Allegedly, Ouroboros is the only existing consensus mechanism with mathematically proven security. On Cardano, block producers work for periods of time (shifts) called epochs. In each epoch, the slot leader elected for that epoch is responsible for the creation and confirmation of blocks. The blocks created by slot leaders need the approval from input endorsers. The composition of the input endorsers is determined by the election through staking.

The architecture and cryptography of Cardano allow the balance between the need for anonymity of transactions and the requirements of financial regulators to collect metadata. To ensure decentralization, Cardano doesn't rely on the support of only one organization. The platform is supported by three independent funds from different countries (Input Output Hong Kong, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation).

All these qualities mean that Cardano has a high chance to preserve its place among the industry leaders in the future. However, before we make a detailed forecast we should learn how ADA was behaving on the cryptocurrency market in the past.

Past Performance

ADA has hit the market on October 1, 2017, at the price of $0.02. The entire November the price was about the same value. By the end of the month, it gained $0.05 and then in a course of a single day, the price doubled, reaching 10 cents on November 28. Then the ADA price continued its growth. Although the last months of 2017 were the time of a powerful cryptocurrency market expansion, ADA wasn't growing that quickly at that period. Most of the time, the price was fluctuating below $0.6. By the end of December, the price began its surge. On January 3 it suddenly reached $1.09. The next day ADA peaked at $1.33. Actually, to date that was the highest ADA price. On January 8, ADA dropped below $1, and since that day has never reached this value again.

For the rest of January, the ADA price was oscillating between 60 and 80 cents. The crypto winter has come and even such a prominent event as listing on HitBTC didn't stimulate the growth of the Cardano coin. Quite the opposite, in February its value went down dropping below $0.5. Throughout the month, the price was going up and down. At some point, it was even below $0.3. In March, the price updated its lows reaching $0.127 in the middle of the month. This downtrend coincided with the overall cryptocurrency market decline. The Bitcoin price was going down those days, too. During the second half of March and the first weeks of April, the ADA price mostly was fluctuating between 10 and 20 cents. In the middle of April, the coin has grown above $0.2 and later reached $0.38. Until the middle of May, the price of Cardano was moving up and down in the interval of 23 and 38 cents. There were two main reasons for that surge: first off, the Bitcoin price has been moving up those days. As usual, the price of the cryptocurrency market absolute leader has influenced the trends of most of the other coins. The second reason is that in April two large exchanges (Binance and Huobi) have added ADA to their lists. Probably that was the reason why Cardano has started to grow a bit earlier than Bitcoin at that period.

Since May 11 for the rest of the month, the price was below 30 cents all the time. Several times the price was declining below 20 cents. Following the BTC price, ADA has lost even more of its value in the summer of 2018 moving to $0.11. In general, Cardano's price in June and July was moving around $0.15 most of the time, never reaching the value of $0.2 and never dropping below $0.11 at the same time. Bitcoin had its short recovery in July but it didn't work out for ADA. In August, Cardano updated its low dropping below $0.1. Bitcoin was quite low in September. The ADA price was going up and down. At times, it was close to $0.1 but several times it was as low as 6 cents per coin. The price was moving in a range of 7 to 10 cents for several weeks. In November the things could get better as Cardano was listed on a significant exchange Upbit but the influence of Bitcoin appeared to be too strong. As the BTC price has dropped prominently at that period of time, ADA couldn't continue its growth and declined to $0.034 by late November and continued to fall down the following month. In December, the price of ADA reached new lows at $0.027 and by the end of the year, it suddenly began to grow. 

Throughout January 2019 the price for the Cardano coin was quite stable — it was slightly above $0.04. Interestingly, the relative recovery of ADA didn't coincide with the positive trend of BTC this time as Bitcoin was in decline at that period. While Bitcoin was quite stable (and low) until the beginning of April, Cardano was gradually climbing up all that time. It didn't manage to reach its all-time high again but nevertheless, in early April the price of ADA was close to $0.1 at its best moments. In May, the price was moving to $0.07 and back to $0.08. In June, the price was a bit higher and mostly was around $0.09. Several times the price even peaked at $0.1 but every time it was dropping soon. In July the things have changed: ADA dropped to $0.07 and even below. In August-September, the price was close to 5 cents. The fact that ADA was listed on BKEX didn't make the price higher. In the fall, the price moved to 4 cents with highs at $0.054 and lows at $0.036. By the beginning of winter, the price was a little around $0.04 and didn’t seem to start growing.

During December of 2019, the price was quite stable. The ADA value was around $0.35 that month. Then, following the BTC price uptrend, the ADA price began to grow. Gradually it gained $0.07. Cardano reached this value in the middle of February. However, by the early days of March, the price dropped to roughly 5 cents. And then... March 13 kicked in. That was the day when the entire cryptocurrency market has lost a large portion of its capitalization as investors in panic were selling everything they had in the hope to get cash. Cardano has lost around 50% of its price in a course of 24 hours. We all know that the crypto market has bounced back soon, and Cardano has quickly regained the value it had before March 13. Throughout April, the price was moving from $0.03 to $0.035 and back. On April 30 it reached half of a dollar. Since then, the price was growing and by December 22 it reached 15 cents. The market capitalization is over 4.88 billion. It grants ADA the tenth position in the chart of the cryptocurrencies sorted by market cap. Now let's finally see what will happen to this project in the future.

Price Prediction


The forecasts made before the pandemic were extremely different. Several experts were predicting that by the end of 2020, the ADA price will reach the $0.06 mark and continue growing further the next year while others were naming prices like $200 or even $400. As we can see, the actual price is a bit bigger than the most pessimistic forecast. The maximalist predictions were obviously unrealistic. The crypto market is on the rise these days and will probably keep on rising in the nearest future due to the traditional market decline caused by the COVID-related crisis. ADA won't be an exclusion. By our estimation, in 2021 (Q2) the ADA price will cross the $0.2 mark.


If the Basho and Voltaire segments of the road map will be completed in time (and we have all reasons to believe in the success of the Cardano team), then its ecosystem will be quite prominent by that time. Without a doubt, Cardano will keep its place among the leaders in the industry. The industry itself will go far beyond in comparison to what we might expect at the beginning of 2020 because the corona-crisis will be a catalyst for the expansion of cryptocurrency use and development. It means that Cardano will have a double win in 2023, both as one of the leading products on the market and as a part of the growing market. Definitely, we won't see ADA reaching its all-time high again as in January 2018 the price was enormous due to manipulations made by shady players. Nevertheless, ADA will break its $0.2 barrier and will multiply its value several times, reaching from $0.4 to $0.5 by the end of 2023.


Without a doubt, all wins of this project in the following years will influence the coin's price positively. It is likely that the project will become a usual part of the financial system and an important and effective smart contract operator. The price of ADA can reach $1.5 to $2.

The opinions and assessments expressed in the text are the views of the author of the article and may not represent the position of Cryptogeek. Do not forget that investing in cryptocurrencies and trading on the exchange is associated with risk. Before making decisions, be sure to do your own research on the market and the products you are interested in.

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