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Elastos (ELA)

By Cryptogeek | 04 Sep

Elastos (ELA) is a mineable coin currently represented on a few Asian exchanges. Blockchain solutions of the issuing company can be applied across various industries, such as real estate, media, etc.

According to the Elastos’ White Paper, the project’s goal is to “create a new kind of Internet, powered by blockchain technology”. Based on this source, we can also find that Elastos “is open-source software originally sponsored by giants such as, for example, the Tsinghua Science Park”.
The project runs the web wallet, mobile wallet (for both Android and iOS), and Elephant wallet (the last is the ecosystem’s wallet with the partners included).

The Elastos's market data can be tracked on our partner’s widget. The latest ELA price is available on this website. Please leave your feedback and reviews on the Elastos cryptocurrency here.


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