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By Cryptogeek | 04 Sep

First, some words about the blockchain behind Achain (ACX) coin. Achain is the Chinese blockchain project based on the modified DPoS protocol (RDPoS). It was launched in the early age of crypto, in 2014. The platform allows blockchain developers creating decentralized applications and tokens. Also, developers can use a so-called smart sandbox for testing products. The fork’s possibility is also provided within the Achain’s framework. 

Recently, Achain has launched mainnet, or, in other words, test network. As a result, TPS figure (number of transactions per second) has increased to a significant extent. There is also a dedicated Achain wallet as well as the Community Bounty program. 

The circulating supply of Achain (ACT) coins is 950 mln.

You can check Achain's price and market data on the widget. Feel free to leave your feedback and reviews about Achain (ACT) cryptocurrency here.


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