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By Cryptogeek | 05 Sep

Miningpoolhub is one of the oldest mining pools on the market. There is not much information about this pool available. For years this pool managed to keep its good name, although as of lately, not everyone was positive about their Miningpoolhub experience.

One of the best specs of Miningpoolhub is a pool fee which is only 0.9. The set of the supported coins is impressive no less. It is possible to mine 36 different cryptocurrencies on Miningpoolhub. The pool offers a feature of mining one currency and getting paid with another currency. It creates great opportunities for miners as they might find the most profitable configuration using this feature.

The security features offered by the pool are quite standard. It's worth mentioning that for years there were no known cases when the security of users' assets was compromised.

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