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By Cryptogeek | 10 Sep

Coinlim is a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The exchange was launched in 2018. Its reported volume is about 55811473 $ as for 8 October 2019. Coinlim has 45 available trading pairs and 40 coins. Deposits are Free on the exchange. Coinlim doesn't have Fiat deposits option. Margin trading option is available on the exchange. You can leave your review about Coinlim here.


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16 November, 11:16 AM

I noted a difference between my balance in the app and desktop. I dunno it is a failure or what. I've checked my operations all of them were proceeded correctly, but there are different balances. That thing is making me nervous.

13 November, 6:13 PM

The exchange, put it midly, not for everybody. I mean, you'll be puzzled if you are not from Singapore. Despite the English support and the website there is a shortage of good supporting and functionality. I don't want to fiercely criticize the exchange but it has the room to grow.

10 November, 9:36 AM

In my opinion, there aren't any big advantages, perhaps, except the mobile app. The verification is long and pissing me off. Also, the traiding process isn't so convenient, I don't prefer to make more then 10-15 clicks just before to complete one transaction. Maybe, I'm a little bit bored, but I'd like to see more suitable platform for me.

9 November, 4:39 PM

Nowadays it works as good as usually. I like dashboard of the desktop and mobile version. In addition the ticket service provide full and usefull help in any questions. I appreciate to trade with Coinlim.

8 November, 12:42 PM

Despite the correct verification, I am being asked to confirm all my transactions with some I'd documents. It doesn't seem a convenient way of trading. I contacted the support, but I didn't get the proper answer.

7 November, 1:00 PM

I've completed the verification within the two days, and I'm not front Singapore. The support was very useful and I did quite fast, I suppose. I don't know what's the problem for other guys, but I haven't faced that issues with the verification.

6 November, 1:10 PM

My traiding tools don't work. I've changed the browser, cleaned it up and tried to use the Incognito mode, but it didn't help when I click on the traiding button, actually any button, nothing happens. I don't know what it is an error. But, surprisingly, the support has no idea either.

6 November, 10:15 AM

There is some complicated system for the non-singaporian. I think, everything is much more easier for them. Maybe, the exchange is good, but I have no chance to check it. I couldn't complete the registration.

29 October, 7:26 PM

I couldn't reach the support, I've been waiting for an answer for 3-4 days, is it OK? I don't think so. I'd like to see more competitive and faster responds.