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By Cryptogeek | 23 Aug

Bittrex was established in 2014 in Seattle, USA. There is also a Bittrex International division, which is based in Europe. 
The list of coins and pairs is reaching hundreds which is great for many trading opportunities. 
There are no fees for USD deposits and withdrawals. 

KYC verification is applied to enhanced accounts. US-based users are not allowed to trade 32 currencies. 

Public reviews, among other things, include complaints about blocked access to accounts.


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6 September, 6:27 PM

In my opinion, we all have to follow the game rules. If you left money on Bittrix then you are supposed to be ready that coins can be locked while the fork. I don’t think that’s illegal Nevertheless nobody can force you to buy just the ZLC or BTCP. Why don’t you make your own research and buying smth else or even find the other crypto exchange? Bittrix is a good exchange and I don’t think it deserve so much criticism but at the same time I think it makes sense to use some other exchange just to avoid this kind of the problem with the coins.

5 September, 2:19 PM

Bittrex has some pros and contras. Permanent forks and disabled accounts sometimes piss me off. But in the end, all my ZCL’s just where it’s supposed to be. I’ve never faced any big issues and I still trade here.