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By Cryptogeek | 10 Sep

Aphelion is a new decentralized exchange that is powered on the NEO-blockchain. It was launched in January 2019. The exchange states on its website that it never holds or stores tokens and is totally open source, community driven.  

At Aphelion, takers pay 0.07% and makers pay nothing at all. Deposit fee is zero. Also you pay no withdrawal fees at all. The Aphelion wallet / DEX is available on desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and through mobile usage (IOS and Android). In addition, it also has a web-based version of their wallet. The wallet/DEX is available in 7 languages, including Dutch, English, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The Aphelion wallet offers the possibility to manage your coins quickly and easily. 

It’s possible to set a fee for sending your coins. This has the advantage that your transaction gets a higher priority and is processed faster. There are 3 markets, NEO/GAS/APH, with different NEP-5 pairs, where you can trade the following coins: NEX, DBC, TOLL, ASA, NKN, PHX, SOUL, EFX, CPX, TKY etc. It is open to citizens or residents from the United States and other countries seeing as they never hold their users’ assets.

KYC procedure: required. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis

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21 October, 8:19 PM


0 star rating!

Aphelion veteran
21 October, 8:03 PM

This exchange project has exit scammed. Ian Holtz should be prosecuted for being a fraud, stealing money and living the luxury life in Bali.

Oliver Platt
14 October, 7:27 PM

What's happened? A couple days ago I found out, that the platform had disabled all the trading pairs. What is that supposed to mean? The exchange is about to close? I don't see any relevant info about it. That's frustrating.

13 October, 10:43 AM

A small and new place. It's got a number of the features like peer-to-peer trade and decentralized system. The exchange can be quite popular some day. But, at that moment, there a lot of rivals and the aphelion developers have to do their best and resolve the liquidity issue on order to attract the traders.

12 October, 11:19 AM

A Brand new exchange. It's a decentralized exchange and it's got its own perspective. But at that moment the liquidity is not so high, and it imposes some limits.