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Launched: 2016
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Feb 04, 2021

SALT Lending has a tremendous amount of credibility in the crypto lending space, as the company was one of the first of its kind to be created back in 2016. The platform has its own native token and provides lending opportunities for users of a variety of different crypto assets. This platform includes a number of additional features that make it easy for users to track their crypto portfolio and make sure that their funds are safe.

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User reviews
Leland White 20 May

Don't trust this company with your tokens.
I had a loan, market dipped for a few minutes they liquidated my BTC at the lowest price possible. Loss money because they couldn't wait 10 minutes for the price to go back up. Ripped my off big time.

20 May
As a company we have a responsibility to you as a borrower to keep your collateral safe while you have a loan with us. We take that job very seriously. On the flip side, we have a serious obligation to lenders to preserve the value of the dollars they have entrusted us to lend to users like yourself. We strive to send ample loan notifications to inform you of our account status. If the price of your BTC hits a certain point, the system is designed to stabilize you. In this case, the price went back up. What if it did not? What if it kept going down? We are the only lender that does not liquidate your loan. You can deposit more collateral or USDC and convert back to BTC. If you have any questions about that process please reach out to [email protected]
Robert 04 Feb

Not a liquid token, I see no reason to invest in it.

Dan 04 Feb

I don't like that the minimum loan amount is $ 5,000.

20 May
We are working on a new product that will effectively lower the limit to day to day purchases. Thank you for the feedback.

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Launched: 2016