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Jul 06, 2020

ICONOMI is a digital asset management platform. The ICONOMI platform allows its users to invest in multiple digital assets via a single interface aimed to make investment management as easy as possible. The users are offered to invest in any of the 150+ available cryptocurrencies or copy any public Crypto Strategy in order to gain profit. The selling point of the company is that it makes investing and trading processes easier through the use of simple design and assistance from the experts leading Crypto Strategies. The ease of use is enhanced with the ability to use fiat money deposits. According to the website, it's available in 182 countries (although there are only 195 countries in the world, officially).

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  2. Getting Started
  3. Referral Program
  4. Is It Safe to Use ICONOMI?

Main Features

ICONOMI is not a usual cryptocurrency exchange. It’s different because it’s a platform where people can copy Crypto Strategies. It means that they choose the types of diversified portfolios created by ICONOMI Crypto Strategies Experts. The estimated profit of investments is calculated and presented on the website so potential investors can learn what they can expect from copying this or that Crypto Strategy. Moreover, not to deprive people of the ability to copy their own strategies, ICONOMI allows investing in any cryptocurrencies available on the platform by allowing users to create their own Strategies.

Investing in Crypto Strategies has a number of benefits. The most obvious advantage is that such kind of investment makes the user an owner of a diversified portfolio by default. One of the top rules of trading or investing is that the portfolio should be diversified no matter how much an investor likes a single currency or stock. Diversification helps to make the portfolio sustainable to drastic market changes associated with one of the coins. It eliminates the risk of losing everything due to the unexpected downfall of the only coin that was chosen for investment. Another benefit is that users can rely not only on their own intuition and calculations, not on the opinions from forums and social media but get assistance from the people leading Crypto Strategies with a public track record. With the help of an expert, one will find an easier way to get into the trading world with lower risks. It saves both time and money.

The experts are helping users to choose currencies wisely, store them in the best possible way, choose the most adequate types of orders while trading, find the best prices on the market, and so on. What's important is that the user is able to participate in any aspect of the process on her/his own, adjusting and changing the preferences applied by the platform and the experts. More than that, the experts don't have access to the user's assets meaning that they can't perform any malicious actions to this money. Copiers can stop copying a Crypto Strategy at any time.

ICONOMI serves as a platform for sharing custom Crypto Strategies with others. It is possible to develop a strategy using the cryptocurrencies from the list of over 150 assets available for use on ICONOMI. The creators of crypto strategies have the benefit of managing their cryptocurrencies all in one place which is much more comfortable than a common practice. They don't have to switch between the exchanges. Additionally, Crypto Strategies creators can enjoy lower trading fees. Crypto Strategy Strategists receive the reward of 30% of fees paid by those who copy their strategies.

Until 2018, the main feature of ICONOMI was the ability to invest in Digital Asset Arrays (DAA). Users were free to choose DAA soon after finishing registration and funding the account. More volatile DAAs could bring bigger profits but investing in them was riskier than investing in more stable DAAs that could bring a low-paced but more stable income. In 2018 the project was temporarily closed and was inactive for quite a while. The modern version of ICONOMI doesn't mention Digital Asset Arrays. Nevertheless, it's fair to say that Crypto Strategies resembles the concept of DAA, at least to some extent.

Getting Started

The registration is as easy as the rest of the processes on ICONOMI. The website doesn't even require repeating the password. All one has to do is provide the email address, insert the password, check in the "I'm not a robot" box and tap on "Get Started". The email address is confirmed via the standard practice of clicking on the link from the email sent by the company.

 The second step is a bit harder. The user should introduce her/himself. The requested data includes the first and the last names, date of birth, the country of residence, the address, and finally the type and the number of the document. The company warns that this data cannot be changed any later. When all the info is sent, the user is free to start working with ICONOMI.

Some of the features require certain stages of verifications. For example, to set the custom Crypto Strategy, the user is required to complete the tier 1 verification.

Referral Program

ICONOMI has a referral program. It allows those who participate in this program to receive portions of fees paid by their referrals. Once someone uses a referral link provided by the referral program participator, ICONOMI starts to share the income from the fees with the user that provided the link. Crypto Strategy Strategists receive even more rewards. The rewards are paid monthly. In general, it is safe to say that ICONOMI has quite standard referral program conditions. As for the figures, the company is paying 50% of the fees collected from the invitee to the user and 30% to the Strategist. Naturally, if the invitee invests in the strategy of the same person who provided the referral link, both rewards (50% fee reward for the new user and 30% fee reward for the management of the strategy) are paid to the user who shared the referral link. In sum, this reward reaches 80%.

Is It Safe to Use ICONOMI?

In fact, the company was one of the earliest cryptocurrency platforms to successfully pass the Big Four audit. It means that ICONOMI corresponds to the high safety standard. Besides this, it means that the company is solvent.

As of October 2021, ICONOMI is registered for certain cryptoasset activities with the FCA. 

In order to maintain the security of the users' assets, ICONOMI combines the use of hot and cold wallets. Moreover, all the transactions are secured with multi-signatures. Strategists don’t have access to the money of copiers.

Considering the lack of any sound criticism online, we can conclude that ICONOMI is a legit platform doing enough in order to safeguard the assets of users and having no mean intentions. The fact that the users are required to provide their IDs makes it possible to act in a legal field if something goes wrong. On the other hand, the company is not transparent enough and provides little information about its services on the website.

Our Score
Functionality 4 / 5
Ease of use 4 / 5
Support 4 / 5
Price 4 / 5
Technology 4 / 5
Our Score
4.0 / 5
Pros and Cons

Intuitive interface

Strong security

Numerous ways of earning


The oblige transfer of ICN into eICN

Not much info about the protection measures

Not many supported cryptocurrencies

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User reviews
Richard Kramer 17 March 2022

The worst platform ever. They fucked me up, i had shitloads of ICN and then eicn and had to switch and vote in the crypto bear market. And had to leave this crazy shit and took whatever they gave me for my eicn that was not traded annywere but on there platform fixing the price.
As a former investor it was the worst experience in my live.

Wiel Cédric 1 April 2021

J'ai fais une vérification d'identité à travers une vidéo ou je devais donner mon nom et prénom ainsi que de faire basculer ma carte d identité de bas en haut. Ce soir, je reçois un mail qui me dis que ma carte est suspecte. Je suis très en colère car je ne peux plus aller sur le compte alors que j'ai mis de l argent dessus et personne ne répond à mon mail. Les personnes qui vérifie ne semble pas sérieux du tout, je viens de perdre 150 €

Michael 6 December 2020

Iconomi makes your crypto experience simple. One platform to rule all exchanges with benefit of fallowing crypto experts. Crypto experts manage their money and you can follow their steps with simply coping it. If you prefer another expert you simple change it or follow more then one. I would love coming feature for automatic rebalance.

Anon 6 December 2020

Easy to use, platform is trustworthy (audited).
Rebalancing is imo the best way to grow wealth and iconomi offers an intuitive interface to make this possible with 3 clicks.
Can deposit and withdraw with your bank account which is super useful.

s9 6 December 2020

Top application but still lacks some advanced features (Threshold rebalancing, automated rebalancing - 1h, 1d, 1m ..., auto remove funds when the portfolio reaches a certain %, ...)

Country: United Kingdom