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Jun 01, 2020

There are several fairly effective ways to get cryptocurrencies on the crypto market without trading, mining or investing. However, the simplest of them is airdrop. The AirdropRaiting platform will perfectly cope with this task, which provides users with many options for choosing among plenty of Airdrops or Bounties. It also presents all the possibilities for registering your own Airdrop.

What is Airdrop? Airdrop is a one-time distribution of coins to those members of the crypto community who perform certain actions or meet certain criteria. In exchange, those who want to receive free cryptocurrency become a means for instant distribution of information over the network.

One of the most extensive lists of Airdrops and Bounty can be found on the AirdropRating website. You can find the list of Airdrops and Bounties on the website or in social media, such as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Airdroprating brings fresh updates about the latest drops and free gifts, allowing you to easily pick and choose Airdrops to join.


Airdrops are usually carried out by blockchain-based startups to bootstrap their cryptocurrency projects. Also, established blockchain-based enterprises like cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallet services can carry out airdrops as well.

Airdrop is similar to bounty campaigns that are launched during the ICO of various projects. However, the bounties are aimed at promoting a fundraising event, while the ultimate goal of an airdrop is to advertise a certain coin, which is part of a new project, platform, or application.

When evaluating Airdrops for the factors that really matter in the industry, Airdroprating carefully read the White Paper to analyze the potential of the project. They work to recognize the hype and risk assessment in order to value Airdrop. The work that the team does makes it easier for you to choose an airdrop that is legitimate enough to join.

AirdropRating is here to help both blockchain projects and enthusiasts thrive. Using their services, you turn to the user base AirdropRating, which applies to the website, affiliate networks, and groups in social networks.

Exclusive Airdrops

Also, Exclusive airdrops are hosted and managed by AirdropRating Exclusive Airdrops are airdrops that are managed exclusively by AirdropRating and you can only join them on AirdropRating. The list of the Airdrops is being updated daily.

You can also find on the AirdropRating website the Premium Airdrops. The premium airdrops hosted and operated by AirdropRating and are checked for compliance with the highest quality standards. Although these are paid promotions and reviews, they promise the stability of the company involved. Usually, featured airdrops are the highest quality as they have the budget to be promoted which shows a good sign of company stability and willingness.


AirdropRating also has a network of white labels that is named MyAirdropSite. Everybody who wishes to make an Airdrop/Bounty can make a website via this service within the minutes. The service is 100% free and everything you need to start is to register, customize it (use your own domain, logo, colors) and your website is ready. MyAirdropSite hosts it on the server for free forever, no matter how much traffic you have, they will do the optimizations for you. The domain will always stay yours, you can stop using the service and work on your own website if you desire.

When you join Airdrops, usually you need to wait until the tokens are distributed. You can not expect to earn real money from each airdrop you join, however, the good airdrops can have its token price go up in the long run.

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Gregory 17 March 2021

A lot of useful information here

26 August 2023
Do not lose your funds to these scammers who only are after your funds. I lost my earning to them but am glad I was able to seek help from Mrs Lisa after I made a report to her via her mail Lisa.Eric or visit her on whats^pp + 1 (470 ) 469-9769
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