Country: Estonia
Launched: 2016
Expert Review
Aug 04, 2020

Started in late 2016, Minerstat is an enterprise-level SaaS platform and software for remote mining management. Minerstat teams goal is to make the management of the crypto mining farms of any scale easy and at the same time maintain the flexibility of individual miners' needs. Some of the main minerstat features are: 

- Dashboard: All important information and activity on the very first screen of the dashboard.

- Workers: Browse through your list of workers and have a total overview of your mining activity.

- Worker's profile: Each of your workers can be examined closely where you can check all the important details about its mining activity.

- Control room: Organize your workers in the control room to visually fit your actual establishment.

- Address editor: Keep all of your pools and wallets in one place.

- ClockTune™: Optimize your mining with overclocking and undervolting tool for your AMD and Nvidia rigs.

- Config: Edit configs for one or more workers for one or more settings at the time.

- Profit switch: Improve your mining activity with advanced profit switch function that can be fully customized.

- Benchmark: Find the hashrates (and power consumptions) of your worker(s) on any available algorithm with any available client.

- Alerts & Notifications: You are able to set alerts and notifications for various events with different settings.

- Triggers: Take action automatically and immediately after an important event is detected.

- Statistics: Detailed historical data on your mining performance, coins, efficiency, and hardware temperature.

- Balance monitoring: Track your actual balance and detected changes on your pools and wallets.

- Users management: There are two types of users you can add to your minerstat account.

- 24-hour log & Diagnostic: Historical and real-time troubleshooting tools.

- Scheduler: A scheduler is a tool that gives you an option to override all mining settings for a selected period of time in the day.

- White label: Show customers their mining stats under your brand and domain - without a single line of code.

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Country: Estonia
Launched: 2016