Country: USA
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Aug 05, 2020

Iron Vault offers a variety of straightforward turnkey solutions for individuals to partake in their own crypto-currency mining operations. Their products and services allow all types of individuals to safely operate their own mining hardware in one of their dedicated state-of-the-art data centers.

When purchasing an ASIC from IronVault, you do not have to worry about having space or time to spend on it, IronVault ensures the maintenance of your equipment by professionals.

The machine's hashpower capacity can vary up to 5% more or less depending on the number of pools and size of the blocks.

The mining machine is owned by the buyer and will be under the management and administration of IronVault, in case the customer chooses to cancel the hosting and management services, the equipment may be removed from our facilities or sent to the buyer with all shipping costs and any associated taxes paid by the customer.

Mining capacity can vary depending on the number of users and active pools, this variation happens in real time and the number of mined coins can grow or reduce.

The cost of lodging must be paid in advance at the time of signing the contract for a period of 12 months. Exclusive values for mining management and monitoring contractors.

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