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ECOS Cloud Mining Review 2021 - Is It Safe?

Country: Armenia
Launched: 2017
Expert Review
Aug 07, 2020

Bitcoin continues to grow, but it is much harder to mine than it was five years ago. Self-mining has long become unprofitable for the average investor. Cloud mining has become an alternative: the lease of capacities for the production of cryptocurrencies from the provider to the client.

The provider assumes responsibility for the purchase, placement, maintenance of equipment, its timely renewal and uninterrupted electricity supply. The mining result is the mined bitcoins, which the provider transfers to the client's crypto wallet.

One of the best cloud mining providers is ECOS. It is the first legal cloud mining provider based in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia. The company was founded in 2017 with the Armenian government's support and has an active agreement with the Hrazdan TPP (Hrazdan, Armenia) to supply up to 200 MW of electricity to the ECOS data center for cryptocurrency mining.

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  • Legality. ECOS was founded with the support of the Republic of Armenia, so you avoid any scam risks.
  • Tax incentives. The mining center is located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia, where residency exempts ECOS from paying taxes, making cloud mining even more profitable.
  • Affordable electricity. ECOS has an active agreement with the Hrazdan TPP to supply up to 200 MW of electricity at a reduced price. Moreover, the Hrazdan TPP is a co-founder of the company, eliminating any problems with electricity.
  • The best equipment. ECOS is purchasing miners directly from the largest ASIC manufacturer in the world Bitmain. Now the company uses Antminer S19 Pro with a hash rate of 110 Th/s, which mine your bitcoins as efficiently as possible.
  • Wide range of contracts. You can choose a suitable contract by the expiration date, investment size, risk profile, and even the expected bitcoin price on the site.
  • Quick support. The company quickly answers users' questions both on the website and on social networks. And the ECOS community on Telegram has almost 15,000 members.


The contract value ranges from $149 to $2000, so both industry beginners and experienced investors can mine cryptocurrency. Also ECOS has special welcome contracts from $49, and auction ones start from $10!

A unique calculator available on the company's website will directly calculate the expected mining profitability and compare it with buying cryptocurrency. For example, you are a cautious investor with no experience with cryptocurrencies.

Such an investor's risk profile will most likely be conservative, and the contract period is about twelve months. The amount of investment is small, for example, $500. The expected value of bitcoin is only ten thousand more expensive than today (based on the recent rally). In total, having invested $500, a cautious investor will earn about $282 above his investment.

How to use the platform?

1. First, you need to register and verify your email and phone number.

2. Next, you need to choose a contract that suits you in terms of duration, risk profile, expected bitcoin price and required power. It is pretty simple to do this since the platform has a convenient calculator that shows the expected return on your investment.

3. You can pay for the contract in five ways: by bank card, BTC, ETH, LTС and XRP.

4. The contract's work can be monitored in a dashboard that displays your current balance, the number of bitcoins mined today on your equipment and profit statistics for the last two weeks. You can also see which contract brought you the most bitcoins here.

5. To withdraw funds, you need to go to the "Settings" section, then "Wallets and withdrawal of funds". Enter your bitcoin wallet and select the amount to withdraw. Next, you need to choose the transaction speed (depending on it, the bitcoin network charges its commission).

Is ECOS safe?

  • The company was established in the Free Economic Zone with the support of the Armenian government, which guarantees the legal security of your investments.
  • You can always read reviews on TrustPilot, FoxyRating and Cryptocompare. Most users rate the service as excellent.

  • The best independent publications often put ECOS at the top of their ratings. Most recently, this was done by the leading US publication TechRadar.


ECOS cloud mining is a legal and reliable way to make money on cryptocurrency, avoid all kinds of risks, and get maximum benefits without a lot of industry experience. ECOS provides new clients with a free contract in order they can test the platform. Register on the platform right now and get a 0.5 TH/s mining contract for a month.

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User reviews
Poporossi 17 September, 7:54 PM

Yesterday I withdrew my first profit from Lucky's portfolio. The amount is quite impressive, although I think the assets still have potential for growth. The conditions here are quite normal, there are no additional commissions that pop up after investing.

Acropol 28 August, 10:14 AM

At the beginning of this year, I started mining with ecos, the first results were not very impressive, since the market conditions were not very favorable, but by the summer bitcoin grew very much and my profit also increased. At the same time, ecos turned out to be a very honest company and withdrew all my profits without any problems.

Hakafugu 22 August, 12:00 PM

Good cloud mining conditions. It is one of the best companies on the market, offering favorable terms thanks to cheap electricity rates. My last contract brought 67% profit, I hope the next one will bring even more.

Gaston 27 July, 7:11 AM

The profitability of cloud mining contracts is highly dependent on the price of bitcoin. But it is still more profitable than just buying bitcoin. I bought a contract here 4 months ago, everything seems to be ok, I hope that it will continue to be the same.

Valke 19 July, 8:25 AM

Let's see what happens next, but so far, in my opinion, one of the best wallets I've used.

Junebill 29 June, 2:04 PM

ECOS is a rather curious cloud mining service. On the one hand, it doesn’t offer exceptional rates. On the other, it is reliable, even during the fall of Bitcoin.

Makar 12 June, 12:15 PM

Well, usually, built-in exchange services that are added to other projects are quite pitiful, but it is not the case with ecos. The exchange platform in their app is easy to use and offers reasonable exchange rates.

Daboxin 25 May, 10:17 AM

It is impossible to make huge money on cloud mining even with the best platforms. But if you manage to find a reliable platform, like ecos, you get a nice additional source of income - much better than bank deposit, for instance.

Frahelcshtraus 11 May, 11:59 AM

Surprisingly, there was no “fine print” in contracts with ecos- the platform doesn’t try to cheat and find a reason to deny you some payments. They pay well, pay on time and regardless of the market situation - the pay even when the BTC rate goes down.

Uluy 27 April, 11:31 AM

Yes, the profitability of the ASIC acquired from ECOS is slightly lower than the preliminary calculations for mining at home, however, I am quite ready to pay a little for getting rid of the fiddling with settings and constant monitoring of the ASIC.

NAsmo 12 April, 7:32 AM

Ecos definitely tailored their affiliate program for professionals. They offer good money, but you should know how to work with traffic, and not just spam referral links.

Vahtovoy 28 November 2020, 1:19 PM

Денег у меня не густо, но вложиться в облачный майнинг очень хотелось. На одном из форумов увидел обсуждение компании ECOS, там и узнал об облачном майнинге. Скинулись с еще одним человеком на контракт и уже получаем прибыль. Надеюсь все получится.

Firtah 13 November 2020, 1:49 PM

Тестовый год на среднем по цене контракте ЕКОС прошли успешно. Можно вкидываться, проверено.

Country: Armenia
Launched: 2017

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