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Oct 27, 2021
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txbit 26 June 2023

is a scam crypto platform

24 Apr
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Anonymous 29 April 2023

High Withdraw fees. Fake sell and buy orders. There are way better Exchanges than this crap.

Tony luis
14 August 2023
I was scammed a huge sum of money and decided to contact a recovery company via their email address: ( harperjamesplatform @ gmail . com) they help me recover all my lost funds and profits. They are very honest and reliable with great support to answer your questions 24/7 service. They have good reviews online and they are the best ...if you need help with funds recovery you can always get in touch by mail and they can direct you to their recovery website. Everything about them is legit, their English is good ,I highly recommend them due to my experience and have finally got my $25,350 back. I'm so happy.
Guney Ozbek 2 August 2022

withdrawal fees are so high. usdt costs 4usd for each transaction and trx n polygon cost even more than usdt. trx n polygon costs almost nothing in other exchanges.

I wrote the exact same complaint on their telegram page n deleted it by their admin right away.

stay away from this exchange site. they are fraud.

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Noone 17 November 2021

This exchange is very similar to a scam.

Ryan Anderson 2 November 2021

Scam registered to some offshore company. No actual crypto being sold. Fake order book filled with random numbers like 77.777 sell order for BTC of 6k for ETH and nothing in between. 50$ fee to withdraw.

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