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May 29, 2020

Crypto exchanges have continued to spring up in the past few years with hundreds of exchanges across the world. The growing advent of cryptocurrencies has made a demand for exchanges as more cryptos spring forth on a daily basis. This has made it increasingly difficult for novices and beginners to settle on a particular platform.

In this review we would be talking about Stex, highlighting its major features including how it works, the crypto pairs that you can exchange, trading fees/limits, security aspects, and customer support.

  1. What Is Stex?
  2. Registration
  3. How to Deposit Funds on Stex Exchange for Trading?
  4. Stex Trading Dashboard and Trading Fees Structure
  5. Supported Currencies and Customer Support System
  6. Mobile App
  7. Stex Reward Initiatives
  8. Conclusion

What Is Stex?

Stex is an acronym for Smart Token Exchange and is one of the innovative crypto exchanges out there in the industry. The exchange is run by Etna Development a financial firm based in Estonia which is one of the few European countries that have laws licensing crypto exchanges. 

Stex exchange prides itself on its unique user interface, flexibility, speed of transaction and top-notch security. In addition, it has the support of top financial merchants such as Visa and Mastercard. 

The platform focuses mainly on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and altcoin trading, which makes it a favorite for traders targeting obscure coins. 

Stex began operations in May of 2017 and currently has over 300,000 users on its platform. The exchange aims to simplify trading for crypto enthusiasts by using a unique user interface and providing a license for activities on its platform. 

It is a centralized exchange with nice security and reliability as it has not been hacked or breached since its inception. 


Stex is a crypto to crypto exchange, which means that it does not accept or deal with fiat currency like USD, EUR or YEN. However, you will find the exchange list of crypto pairs attractive for trading. 

The exchange currently has 265 coins and 5 active markets for users to trade. Its standard transaction fees are 0.2% while users that are KYC verified have a discounted fee of 0.05%.


Stex registration is pretty straightforward and can be done within minutes. The exchange requires all users to be 18years and above to register which is the standard practice of most crypto exchange websites.

The registration process requires that you input a valid email ID and password as seen in the picture below.


After inputting these details in the tab, you would be sent an email that will need to be accessed to confirm your account. We recommend installing 2FA authorization to improve the safety of your account. 

After creating your account, you would be prompted by Stex to verify which you may decide to do right away. Non-verification of accounts means limited access to features and the inability to withdraw funds. 

You can verify your accounts using the three methods provided. The first method is done by Stex support team with users required to upload a selfie photo along supporting personal id documents. The second process is via PrivatBank while the third method is by getting Cryptonomica verification. 

Time for verification may vary depending on the method used. However, if you plan to make withdrawals from the exchange, it is important to finalize your verification before trading. 

How to Deposit Funds on Stex Exchange for Trading

After verification users can fund their Stex account for trading. Since Stex supports a large number of cryptos there are various options for deposits. However, it is recommended to begin trading by funding with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

To fund your account click on ‘Profile’ this would lead to a list of menus. Click on funds at the top of the menu list and find the coin that you wish to send. Click the deposit option beside it and you will be provided with the wallet address.

Supported Currencies

Send funds directly to the wallet to begin trading on the exchange. Depending on the coin chosen, funds could take different times to reflect on the wallet. 

After funding your account, you can begin trading and exchanging in various currency pairs. Stex exchange also offers plenty of choices especially obscure projects that have good chances of developing into profitable investments. 

In addition, the platform also supports ICO listings and their tokens which is an attractive option for experienced traders. At the time of writing, traders can only generate limit and market orders on the platform. 

This could be a limitation but despite this, there are advanced options for both types of trading options. All that is required is to place an order and wait for it to be accepted based on the pre-set terms.  

Stex Trading Dashboard and Trading Fees Structure

Stex offers a simplified mode which is nicely designed with options well laid out with information for trading. The graph is placed in the center with full information regarding market movements.

Exchange Tab

Just below the graph is the buy and sell box with the trade history presented on the right for quick access to the latest trade prices. In addition, you can view the all-time trading history or your trading history by scrolling down. 


This nice and easy to understand trading interface is clearly designed for novice traders and for quick trading. Users can also access complex parameters to analyze markets depending on your preference. 

Stex transaction fees are nicely priced when compared to its competitors with a well-defined level system used by the exchange. There are three different trading fees depending on the level of verification by users. The three levels are listed below. 

Level 1- 0.2% for unverified users

Level 2- 0.1% for users verified by Stex and PrivatBank

Level 3- 0.005% for users verified by Cryptonomica. 

This method of grading transaction fees works well for Stex as it encourages its users to verify their accounts for better offers. As at the time of writing withdrawal fees tend to differ depending on the cryptocurrency. 

Supported Currencies and Customer Support System

Stex supports a plethora of cryptocurrencies and has good volumes on it. Popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRX are supported alongside new cryptos such as ARD, Wave and ZEUS. 

The platform also offers a Stex crypto known as xEuro which is an Ethereum based token that represents the Euro on its platform. This Stex crypto can be used to exchange for Euro on the platform via cryptonomica. 


In total the exchange supports over 150 digital currencies on its platform. Stex has a transaction volume of $10,746,653 making it one of the rising exchanges. 

Stex exchange is accessible to users around the world. The platform has a diversity of users in different countries. However, a major concentration of its users is within Europe which is not surprising considering that its parent company is based in Europe. 

Stex customer support is one area where the exchange could do better. As at the time of writing, there is no customer care number but there is a portal where you can create a ticket to speak with a technical support agent.

In addition, there is a live chat support option which according to Stex responds to message within a couple of hours. The FAQ section is quite comprehensive with a number of short explanations relating to common problems faced on the platform. 

Looking at some of the FAQ answers, there were some that were written a week prior to writing this review. This shows that the exchange constantly updates this section which is a good sign that it cares about customer satisfaction. 

Mobile App

One of the major innovations in recent years has been the advent of mobile apps from crypto exchanges. Stex does not default in this aspect as the platform offers trading apps for both Android and IOS devices. 

The mobile app is decent and offers basic trading tools that are to be expected. It is useful for monitoring trades on the platform and for quick trades. 

To use the mobile app, download their iOS or Android app on your mobile device. Register or if you have an existing account login to enjoy the benefits. 

Stex Reward Initiatives

Stex exchange has some initiatives that encourage users to promote the platform with the promise of potential rewards. The exchange currently offers a referral initiative whereby users get rewarded for referring friends to the platform. 

Each successful referral attracts a lifetime bonus of 25% of the trading fee which is credited once a day. 


Stex exchange has shown since its inception that it is one of the exchanges that is here to stay with its good record within the crypto community. Currently, the exchange has over 300,000 users and is growing daily which shows that more crypto hodlers are trading on its platform. 

Based on the things that have been highlighted in this review, Stex is one of the crypto exchanges that have good transaction fees and an excellent user interface. 

Stex also offers over 150 coins for trading which is impressive. In addition, it has good compatibility with different devices with a functional iOS and Android app for mobile users.

Although as of the time of writing English is the only supported language on the platform. There are plans to include new language options that would enable more crypto users to have access to the crypto exchange.  

The customer support section could also do better with more options for users to address issues.  In conclusion, Stex remains one of the best crypto exchanges in the market. 

Our Score
Functionality 4 / 5
Reputation 4 / 5
Security 4 / 5
Support 4 / 5
Fees 4 / 5
Our Score
4.0 / 5


Nice choice of coins

Good security

Speedy transactions


Lack of fiat currency support

Customer support can be improved

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User reviews
CyztemGR 14 June, 3:27 PM

You must Simplified your KYC procedure Like Binance and other Top exchanges do.

Gelma 12 May, 9:21 PM

Btc transfers took me 2 days. It's the fastest thing in my life, but still appropriate.

BOLUWATIFE 12 May, 3:02 PM


Please i gave my STEX account information to someone to trade for me on STEX, and after the person bought some altcoins with the initial 1 btc that was in the wallet, the total amount of altcoins does not equal to 1 btc that was formerlly in my wallet, please what could have happened because i am running mad here. My account is secured with 2fa and there was no withdrawal.

Jan 27 February, 10:54 PM

Easy to use. Low fees and mastercard deposit possible.

Waza 23 January, 12:20 PM

The STEX tea are a bunch on incomident idiots, never had so much trouble with a exchange....Never use the exchange they with cause so much frustration

Leandro 18 January, 11:50 PM

Me use it a lot. No have problems with STEX

Des 5 January, 12:01 AM

Just do KYC, than you can withdraw again. Visa and mastercard are coming. They don't work with scam exchange. Stex is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rutger 1 January, 8:20 PM

Really love to use stex. I don't understand the reason to call it a scam. And for the other people. Stex token will come online again. So don't call it a scam. I believe its one of the best to use. Lowest fees, easy to use, nice interface and the app is easy to use.

Peter 29 November 2019, 10:49 AM

I Wait For withdraw 20 don’t answer .the transaction it’s shows complete on my account on block explorer nothing .so is the stex real scam?

Scammed by stex 29 November 2019, 10:45 AM

Really if you don’t want to loose your money stay away . I can give you an exam0le that you can check your self of stex scam.
One of the scams it was the stex token that they was sell1€ end later they disable it .(all the money are lost) imagine that binance will disable the bnb token end freeze them for ever ? So the done it 2 years before check it your self .end it’s still operate. Still scam every day some more people .

StexIsSCAMMERS 24 November 2019, 10:04 AM

stay away from this scam exchange.
They are stealing peoples money

Serj 10 November 2019, 10:38 AM

I think, Stex shows a great performance. As a trader I've been doing this since this may and I'm quite satisfied with all the aspects of the platform. I addressed with my common questions to the support just a couple of time, and I received a good answer within maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

Danny 9 November 2019, 7:36 PM

My problem with a pending transaction was resolved an extremely fast. I was impressed. I contacted the support regarding my transaction, it was stucked and I don't know what to do , then I got a response in 5 minutes, that sorry for the inconvenience it'll be fixed and they really helped me. Great service

Gregory 9 November 2019, 11:28 AM

I'm a humble trader and I wouldn't say that I'm trading with a big amount. I've passed a registration and I thought that's enough. But when I made a first transaction I received the message that my funds have been blocked due to suspicios activity, taking into account that was my first operation here. I have to present all my personal data again to unblock them. I fail to see a logic in that request. I've already done it but I'm supposed to do that again. Not great so far.

Mot 8 November 2019, 11:40 AM

I got some eth and a month ago eth was disabled. I was shocked, because it's one the main cryptos and I think every traders have eth. That's an incomprehensible decision. How am I supposed to trade?

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