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Rubic Review 2023 - Is It Safe?

Country: International
Launched: 2020
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Dec 20, 2020

Rubic is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to provide a seamless and secure experience for users looking to access DeFi services and financial instruments. The platform offers a wide range of services such as yield farming, staking, and lending.


One of the key aspects of Rubic's design is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing users to navigate and access its services with ease. The interface is intuitive and provides all the information users need to make informed decisions, making it a great choice for both experienced and inexperienced DeFi users.

Security and Reliability

Rubic takes security and reliability seriously, ensuring that users' assets and transactions are safe and secure. The platform uses Ethereum smart contracts to facilitate its services, which eliminates the need for intermediaries and minimizes the risk of fraud or mismanagement. Additionally, Rubic uses advanced encryption and authentication protocols to protect users' assets and personal information.

Diversified Services

Rubic offers a wide range of DeFi services, including yield farming, staking, and lending. These services offer users the opportunity to earn passive income, invest in cryptocurrency, and participate in the DeFi ecosystem. Rubic's focus on providing a diverse range of services makes it a great choice for users looking to take advantage of multiple DeFi opportunities.

Community Engagement

Rubic has a strong community engagement program, aimed at keeping users informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the DeFi space. The platform regularly hosts events and meetups, as well as providing educational resources and materials to help users learn more about DeFi and how to get started. This community engagement helps to create a strong and supportive community of users, making Rubic a great choice for those looking for a DeFi platform with a vibrant and engaged community.

Investment Opportunities

In addition to its DeFi services, Rubic also provides investment opportunities for users looking to invest in the cryptocurrency space. The platform offers access to a range of investment opportunities, including staking, yield farming, and liquidity provision. These investment opportunities offer users the chance to earn passive income and participate in the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.


Rubic is a versatile and user-friendly DeFi platform that offers a wide range of services and investment opportunities. With its strong emphasis on security and reliability, Rubic is a great choice for users looking to access the DeFi space. Additionally, the platform's community engagement and investment opportunities make it a great choice for users looking to participate in the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

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User reviews
Frustrated 9 April 2021

Well I transfered small amount of ETH crosschain to BSC and it worked. And was easy to use. UNLIKE Binance Bridge!!!

Sneed 11 March 2021

My rubic stays cubic

Made 15000 on CUMCOIN today!!!! My rubic stays cubic!
2 November 2021
My rubic stays twodick lol gottem
Matt 8 March 2021

Only used the instant swaps feature so far, nice to be able to compare with the best rates available on 1inch and UniSwap without having to swap tabs and mess about.

Looking forward to seeing how this project progresses!

Rob 8 March 2021

No issues so far when swapping, was good too see both prices of Uni and - 1inch which meant I got a few extra Link for what I was buying.

Really interested in WRBC and how far that can push the price as I do have a small holding in RBC. I believe it’s got loads of potential throughout the coming months and years.

Marco 8 March 2021

I exchanged 4 USDT on Rubic and it worked just fine. Gas fees and price were like on other exchanges. I can't speak for the crosschain features tho because I haven't used them yet.

8 March 2021
I meant 4k USDT
Country: International
Launched: 2020
Mobile app: -
Grade points: 0.00
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