Country: International
Launched: 2020
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Expert Review
Dec 20, 2020

Multichain DeFi platform Rubic organizes DeFi services to enable a project to create, manage, and trade tokens decentralized in ONE PLACE.

Rubic's goal is to add multichain p2p trades to existing services and develop other products such as liquidity pools and make it simple and user friendly. Each of the blockchains has its own advantages and Rubic's goal is to give users the opportunity to use the advantages of each of the blockchains to solve the problems that they face.

Rubic's products are open source.

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User reviews
Frustrated 9 April, 7:04 AM

Well I transfered small amount of ETH crosschain to BSC and it worked. And was easy to use. UNLIKE Binance Bridge!!!

Sneed 11 March, 2:46 AM

My rubic stays cubic

Matt 8 March, 7:09 PM

Only used the instant swaps feature so far, nice to be able to compare with the best rates available on 1inch and UniSwap without having to swap tabs and mess about.

Looking forward to seeing how this project progresses!

Rob 8 March, 8:37 AM

No issues so far when swapping, was good too see both prices of Uni and - 1inch which meant I got a few extra Link for what I was buying.

Really interested in WRBC and how far that can push the price as I do have a small holding in RBC. I believe it’s got loads of potential throughout the coming months and years.

Marco 8 March, 8:31 AM

I exchanged 4 USDT on Rubic and it worked just fine. Gas fees and price were like on other exchanges. I can't speak for the crosschain features tho because I haven't used them yet.

8 March, 8:32 AM
I meant 4k USDT
Vibekilla 8 March, 8:08 AM

Fantastic platform! After I swapped my ETH for some Rubic I was able to secure some Link with essentially ZERO gas fees. You guys are a blessing and I hope Jesus blesses you in his holy name. God speed.

Cdog 8 March, 7:57 AM

Great team always meeting target goals and giving constant updates on telegram!

Thebullandthebear 8 March, 7:40 AM

Excellent project. This project will solve huge issue. The team is excellent and will deliver

Bill Eddison 8 March, 3:29 AM

cant get limit orders to work.

Eats my gas doesnt fill

Likeroman89 19 February, 2:32 AM

Look at their self created comments, timestamps, its obvers!

19 February, 8:03 PM
I want to believe you but... why would such large cryptos like Ethereum or Binance pair up with them?
Rom 19 February, 2:29 AM

Stay away its a SCAM, some rbaltic and east european Mafia is in this Project, they just have one goal, take the hype and run away. A critical question on their small Telegramm channel, results in instant bann.

Mark van der Merwe
8 March, 7:45 AM
What a pathetic attempt to FUD an awesome project and the team that are always delivering. very sad Rom.
Arnold 5 February, 8:54 AM

Rubic will be the Uniswap killer.
The CEO has proven his seriousness with his previous project.

Dylan 25 January, 12:00 PM

I mean that's what DeFi needs. Rubic can't come soon enough with all the features.

Mark 25 January, 11:59 AM

I've been using this for the last few weeks and am super happy with it...... they've an ambitious roadmap but have achieved all their goals so far to date.....I could see these being a serious competitor of Uniswap in a few months from now. I believe they're implementing cross chain this week. That will be a game changer

Alan Cromwell-Robertson 25 January, 11:56 AM

Seems to be the sleeping dragon of DeFi. Superior tech to it's rivals, and a very impressive and ambitious road map for 2021! I suggest you read the whitepaper - Uniswap and 1inch have got their hands full!

Country: International
Launched: 2020
Mobile app: -