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Exx Exchange Review 2021 - Is It Safe?

Country: China
Launched: 2017
Site: www.exx.com
Volume: $ 1,349,324,823.0
Pairs: 26
Mobile app: iOS, Android
Full address: Unknown
Fees: All transactions fees are 0.1%.
Expert Review
May 07, 2021

For years the EXX exchange seemed to be a legit trading platform. The company's website didn't provide much information which was concerning. Nevertheless, there were no significant negative user reviews until 2021. As for May 2021, it seems that the company is not trustworthy. We do not recommend using this exchange.

  1. What Do Users Complain About?
  2. What Is Exx?
  3. Exx Exchange Features
  4. What Are the Exx Exchange Available Deposit and Payment Methods?
  5. How to Withdraw Cryptocurrencies From the Exchange?
  6. What Are the Exchange Trading Tools and Possibilities?
  7. Exx Fees
  8. Exx Exchange API
  9. How to Use the Exx Exchange?
  10. Customer Service
  11. Is the Exx Exchange Safe?
  12. Conclusion

What Do Users Complain About?

In January 2021 the reports of disappearing user funds started to sprawl here and there. Users deposit money, the transaction is reflected on etherscan but the EXX balance remains empty. It makes people think that the exchange is stealing their money. Another pattern is when users want to withdraw their coins, money disappears from the balance but never hits their wallets. The support team doesn't answer while social media pages of the exchange seem abandoned since 2019. The number of complaints is growing and doesn't seem to end. There is no publicly available response from Exx. We conclude that at this point the exchange doesn't deserve trust. Below you can see our original review of the exchange. It was written well before it became obvious that Exx is not trustworthy.

What Is Exx?

Exx exchange was founded in 2017 and is based in Hong Kong. The company that owns it is called EXX Group LTD. Many countries are supported, including the USA.

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The Exx exchange has many strategic organizations; some of them are ZB Capital and TopFund. It is a centralized exchange. There are also many media partners; some of them are CoinTime and Gyro Finance.

The List of Partners

Over 40 coins are supported, providing a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from and trade. As of December 3, 2019, the trading volume for the Exx exchange is USD 1.068.797.030, 147.330 BTC, with data from the CoinMarkeCap website.

Exx CMC Page

Exx Exchange Features

Some of the main advantages of the Exx exchange are:

- Relatively low fees and commission structure;

- The vast variety of digital coins, over forty of them;

- Availability of leverage for active trading;

- Advanced trading platform to use with charts, order book and trading history;

- Mobile application available for Android mobile devices;

- Exchange Alliance named 100 Thousand Exchange Alliance, which is a project to encourage the members to be active and enjoy the benefits of greater liquidity, get rebates, professional team assistance and promote the globalization of this alliance;

- Game center;

- Financial and asset management to gain interest income on digital assets, with purchase history, income record available;

- ExxMall or offers for online shopping;

- Cloud computing mining offers digital currency mining open in real-time with three levels, beginners, professionals, and large mining.

What Are the Exx Exchange Available Deposit and Payment Methods?

To deposit, there are two steps. First, you must log in and then click the Assets and the deposit buttons. Then you must select which digital assets do you want and either copy the deposit address to your electronic wallet or use the QR code with your wallet as a preferred way of payment. No fiat currencies deposit is supported.

The FAQ Page

How to Withdraw Cryptocurrencies From the Exchange?

The process is simple. You select any token or digital currency, and you create an address code. Then you must log on the platform, select which token or cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, click the withdrawal button, and add the selected address. You need to make sure the information is correct and click confirm to proceed with the withdrawal.

Exx FAQ Page (2)

What Are the Exchange Trading Tools and Possibilities?

Clicking on the Trade tab, you get the trading platform, which seems to have advanced trading possibilities.

You can choose several cryptocurrencies to trade, and you get the orders history and the current entrust. But you only get a minimal range of time frames to customize your trading charts. You only have the availability of 1-minute, 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 1-hour, 1-day, and 1-week. There are many types of charts to select, such as bars, candles, lines, hollow candles, and many indicators for technical analysis of the financial markets. It is essential that you also get information about the volume, and TradingView provides the charts.

Additional information such as the price change of any cryptocurrency for the past twenty-four hours and last price is available and can be very helpful.

Exx Exchange

Exx Fees

What are the Exx exchange fees, Exx withdrawal fees, Exx deposit fee?

The deposit and withdrawal fees for all cryptocurrencies are open. There is a fare raising fee variable for each cryptocurrency, and there are limits for maximum withdrawal per day and transaction for each cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin (BTC), the fare raising rate is 0.0005, the maximum withdrawal per transaction is fifty, and the maximum withdrawal per day is two hundred.

All exchange transaction fees are 0.1%.

Exx Exchange API

Information about the Exx API is available with a page related to that. There are details about the rest API, trade API, a sample code, and frequently asked questions as well.


The main features for all the APIs are information about market data, order history, trade history, trade execution, and account information. These are available for spot markets.

How to Use the Exx Exchange?

The exchange signs up is simple and easy. You can choose to do it either via your mobile phone or via email. We decided on the email option, and we had to put a verification code to confirm the registration.

The exchange KYC and verification process are simple but can take several times. After confirming the email, you go to your account and click on the verification button. There are three choices, Chinese User, Korean User, and Non-Chine User. You need to submit the first page of a passport, a piece of paper writing on it exx.com, the date and signature, and besides, an address certificate with valid bills of water, electricity, or gas and the credit card for three months or certificates issued by the government. Overall the requirements to verify your identity are considered strict. This means they place a lot of importance to avoid any potential fraud.

The trading process is as described above, a pleasant one with several trading tools to help you trade, and TradingView provides the charts.

Customer Service

Next in this Exx exchange review, we will mention the customer service. There are a support team and a help center with much information and frequently asked questions, plus several useful announcements. There is a beginner tutorial, and users can send an email to [email protected], which is found on the main web page. What are the exchange reputation and reviews of it?

We could not find several English reviews or what are the most common user problems. This is probably because the exchange is very new, and the primary language is Chinese.

Is the Exx Exchange Safe?

Can Exx exchange be a scam project? There are no clues about that, and exx exchange seems safe. We like the rigorous approach for the verification, and the fact that is has many strategic partners and several media partners as well seem to be a somewhat reliable business entity.


This Exx exchange review mentioned some of the critical features of the exchange. In general, the layout of the platform is simple, and it is not hard to navigate and find several functions of the exchange. The charts are supported by TradingView with plenty of tools for active trading.

There are many digital coins to choose from and trade, and some exciting features, such as the shopping center with offers for online shopping, and the ability to perform cryptocurrency mining. There is also a financial management and wealth management function, which can be helpful to earn additional income. The exchange itself is mainly focused on the Asian market, as the primary language is Chinese. There are limited reviews about this exchange. This means that users and traders should perform due diligence before deciding or not to use it.

The exchange has many strategic partners and several media partners. This is a marketing and business effort to establish itself and build a brand name in the region of Asia. It is another exchange to take into consideration having some exciting features. The thorough verification process adds extra credibility to the exchange, making it a somewhat safe exchange to use.

Our Score
Functionality 4 / 5
Reputation 1 / 5
Security 1 / 5
Support 1 / 5
Fees 4 / 5
Our Score
2.2 / 5


Rich functionality

Good partnerships

Low fees


Users complain about disappearing funds

Only 40 cryptocurrencies are supported

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User reviews
Den 28 August, 9:41 AM

wild scammers stole LTC funds, and this is my first withdrawal of funds from this garbage can

Review image
Luis Rivera 20 August, 8:57 AM

They are a scam, I've been trying to withdraw my tokens for over a month and they don't even reply to support tickets

D.Y. 4 August, 4:24 PM

exx will not send my xrp its been a long time in freeze . They dont answer any support request . Send them coins and it goes in their pocket .

Review image
ALEX 1 July, 8:15 AM


Pang kuan jen
2 July, 10:32 AM
English please so tat v can understand & assist each othr in whatever way v can..
Tks & rgds kjpang
Pang kuan jen 27 June, 9:45 AM

How is it possible there is no clue that Exx exchange platform is scamming its customers
As it is there are many innocent victims being scammed posted on your review.As a professional writer u must & u should based on facts & warn investors about all these CONNED platforms.
They are here to cheat, they should b expose if everyone comes together to lodge POLICE reports so that Law enforcement can nab them ..

Nick 25 June, 11:19 PM

With this, the scammers appropriated my usdt, wrote hundreds of times everything in vain, people be very careful with the exx exchange, this is pure swindlers

Review image
Pang kuan jen 24 June, 11:50 AM

Do not trust Exx exchange platform..Oledi SCAMMED alot of innocent investors..
My withdrawal crypto & usdt frozen since 26december 2020, they refused to provide me transaction ID numbers.
No reply from customer service..They r cheats & pray China law Enforcement catches them , we the victims should provide more evidences & not let them get away..Don't give up cos China has STRINGENT LAWS & life imprisonment against scammers & cheaters like EXX EXCHANGE PLATFORM

Toni 21 June, 10:12 PM

scammers, I just registered on this scam exchange, I wanted to withdraw a little 19 xrp, and this was stolen from me by these scoundrels, I ask everyone to be poor in order to prevent their activities by common efforts

Review image
Pang kuan jen 21 June, 2:52 PM

Kindly assist all those victims scams by EXX EXCHANGE PLATFORM, as a professional body & writer we appeal your distinguish firm can report to law enforcement agency to arrest them, there shou be alot more evidence of their cheating..
Can anyone confirm where is EXCHANGE PLATFORM situated & its full address

Den 7 June, 12:57 PM

scammers stole my 300 xrp, no matter how many I asked to withdraw coins, everything is in vain, people work on the exx exchange are not souls of conscience, people be careful

Review image
Artur 27 May, 3:00 PM

Doge was never returned to me, I wrote to support for two months, to which I received one response, we are working on your requests, the guys from the exx exchange are scammers, I wish them a speedy closure

Review image
Pang kuan jen
21 June, 2:59 PM
Hi Artur..
I'm Pang scammed by Exx Exchange Platform..
since 26december 2020, they frozen my withdrawal coins & usdt & refused to provide me Transaction ID numbers..
Shinaya Khan 19 May, 10:12 AM

First the exchange seems to be good, untill you deposit a big chunk of usdt or other tokens. But when you wants to withdraw some money there system hangs, I tried to withdraw TRX from last 7Hours but the system pops, Withdraw not completed because of an unknown error. What the shit is this. I emailed them, send messages to Support team but there is not any response yet. I tried everything but the situation is as it is, I can't able to know how I withdraw my Tokens back. My rating for this type of behavior is zero. Never trade there they are scammers.

Shakir Khan 3 May, 5:30 PM

Worst exchange ever i seen i send 18000 zt coin to EXX but not received yet,
While transcation confirm.
Any body help what to do.
EXX Exchange not responed to any email also customer service offline from few days.

Review image
Amel Nice 3 May, 12:40 PM


lpud 3 May, 10:39 AM

100%мошенники они присвоили мои EZ монеты 0xde2c91ce00882d2125c3f55220cf3774d0e534146ca3c29f82f55f0a097c3eef
почему не закрывают такие биржи

Country: China
Launched: 2017
Site: www.exx.com
Volume: $ 1,349,324,823.0
Pairs: 26
Mobile app: iOS, Android
Full address: Unknown
Fees: All transactions fees are 0.1%.