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Feb 18, 2021 is one of the very few decentralized crypto-to-crypto exchange which offers the cheapest rates to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin rates are as low as 25% depending on the amount you purchase.

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User reviews
Anonymous 25 August, 10:40 PM

Just a scam. I was stupid enough to try them and they ate 14k of my money. Please stay away

Sleek Crypto 18 May, 9:22 PM

Amazing rates and customer service. You will never get a 25% discount on buying bitcoins. Keep up guys.

Vlad M 17 May, 9:51 PM

Highly vouched...

Cori 6 May, 9:39 PM

Best exchange

Nick 3 May, 8:47 PM

Very competitive rates but payment options are limited. I will buy again!

Abdullah M 2 May, 10:03 PM

Highly vouched for those looking to buy bitcoin at a discounted rates.

Nick Tejani 26 April, 7:45 PM

Amazing customer service and unbeatable rates.

Abdullah M 12 March, 8:13 AM

Easy to buy crypto and no verification.

Luca 9 March, 10:47 AM

Good rates but limited payment options.

George Fenn 2 March, 10:01 PM

I accidentally found the exchange and I'd say this is the cheapest place to buy bitcoin on earth. I have purchased around 7 bitcoins till now with a discount up to 20%.

Eddie Cote 27 February, 4:13 PM

I have been a regular crypto buyer at Coinbase for the last 4 years. But I have recently moved to Cheapbitcoinru due to their rates and discounts. They are amazing.

Colin Stek 23 February, 4:48 PM

Best rates.

Chris Freyler 21 February, 2:37 PM

Best rates and anonymous exchange to buy bitcoins. Vouched!!

Steven 19 February, 2:23 PM

One of the cheapest places to buy bitcoin. I highly recommend to bulk buyers.

Morty 18 February, 6:16 AM

People write that you are selling dirty bitcoins.