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Sanshu Inu Coin (SANSHU) Review 2022

Launched: 2021
Expert Review
Apr 06, 2022

Since at least 2020, we’ve all noticed that meme tokens in general started growing more than ever.

Just this past year, we saw coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu reach newer heights that were once thought of as impossible. Similarly, this has brought to light the creation of various pet and particularly dog-based coins, one of which being none other than the Sanshu Inu coin.

Want to learn more about the Sanshu Coin, how to buy Sanshu Inu Coin, and where to buy Sanshu Inu Coin? Keep reading further!

What is Sanshu Inu Coin?

The Sanshu Inu meme coin, similar to various other comparable tokens, utilizes the recognizable Shiba Inu canine as its logo. It is probably the most ‘youthful’ coin since it appeared on May 12, 2021.

Regardless of this, its project development and marketed effort have proactively drawn in many fans and financial backers. In this article, we will be going over the reason Shashu Inu became so special for its supporters and caused a few investors’ heads to turn.

The token is the installment mode of exchange for the decentralized platform of Dogecoin and it works on a top deflationary model.

Sanshu Inu’s tokenomics functions are based on 2 primary processes: one is to burn an equal amount of tokens that are held by investors.

This way around 1% of all exchanges will be scorched, and 1% will be dispersed to token holders.

As of right now, Sanshu Coin has burned more than 58% of all coins that it has made since its launch. On account of this, the coin can produce easy revenue for its holders and thus the deflationary mechanism comes to life.

The thought behind this is that supply will drop over the long run as more Sanshu Inu tokens are destroyed. As taught to us all by the fundamentals of financial markets over time, when supply falls, costs rise.

In the future, the deflationary token ought to be more important in this way. The big question arises: will these tokens make due or vanish into haziness? As of now (March 31st, 2022) consistent support indicates that the coin will continue to grow.

Sanshu Inu markets itself similarly to Akita Inu and Shiba Inu - two other ‘hot’ meme coins viewed as Dogecoin's more modest rivals. In any case, this token has a few highlights on its own like the ‘Dog Park’ (you can read about it more in-depth in just a few paragraphs) and the Solidity finance Audit. Being decentralized and ever-expanding also helps its cause. Additionally, Sanshu’s organization rewards holders for each exchange that they make. This allows them to earn a considerable amount of passive income with the coin - and passive income is just sweet easy money into our wallets. 

The developer's group behind the project separates itself from other coins inspired by memes by burning 100% of the liquidity pool and 100% of the advancement wallet (you can check this Medium article out for more info). They additionally surrendered control by allowing holders to decide on which direction to go, making it easily accessible for investors.


What Makes the Sanshu Inu Coin Irresistible?

Sanshu Inu varies among different tokens because it is not just claimed by large whales who control the entire market for a coin, causing a less than ideal situation in which a single person (or a handful of them) can easily fluctuate prices and cause it to go down or up, by way of speculation and risky buys and sells. The biggest wallet for the coin represents just 1.3% as of today (March 31st, 2022).

Recently, Sanshu Inu presented its Dog Park (a web application) cultivating and ‘pampering’ the stage for other meme-related coins. Sanshu's foundation allows staking the well-known dog coins, like SHIBA, DOGE, or SANSHU.

This way, the holders of these coins are allowed to stake their holdings, and win prizes.

Another thing to note with coins such as SANSHU is that they either rise in value or diminish completely - so be sure to fully know your investing profile before purchasing this kind of volatile token, which so easily fluctuates in price overnight. However, the price of the coin is expected to remain stable in the times to come due to its deflationary model and expanding project, as well as an array of supporters that keep on holding and multiplying.

Sanshu Inu Coin News

If we take a look at the recent updates regarding the Sanshu Inu Coin, we see that the team behind it plans to introduce a wide range of storytelling (and even some lore) and hopes to augment the coin's presence through the metaverse.

Sanshu’s decentralized application for the coin (Dog Park), will of course continue to allow individuals to stake or farm their coins in the foreseeable future. Allowing the entire staking and earning passively process to be made incredibly simplistic and gaining even more popularity amongst late adopters and first-time crypto investors.

The people who add to the token's liquidity are also to be awarded Kibble, which would be a play on words for "Treats." Individuals would get Kibble and can sell them for profit or utilize them in the Community DAO made for the token itself.

The Sanshu Token enables trust, which is what the project’s creators refer to when they mention they’ve ‘renounced their community contract’, making it almost impossible for there to occur rug pulls or other shady business.  To further prove this, the token is owned more by the community as opposed to giant crypto whales (we the people deserve it, don’t you think?).

It's also imperative to note the deflationary mechanics of the Sanshu Token auto compound, earning more and more passive income just by holding the tokens.

It’s the law of supply and demand, as always: the coins are continuously burned, and the remaining tokens become more valuable.

Also, according to CoinMarketCap, the coin currently has a market cap of over $6 million  (as of March 31st, 2022).

Is Sanshu Inu Coin a Good Investment?

As of right now, SANSHU appears to be as good of an investment as it can get. It is widely popular and is widely in demand by a significant number of investors. Not just that, the coin has shown various signs of improving further. But, as always, don't forget to DYOR.

According to CoinMarketCap, the coin shows potential and may grow by 300% in the years to come. However, if you hope to see the coin reach 1 cent or even 1 dollar, you may need to wait a couple of years for that to happen (and very patiently). Even then, you never truly know what will happen, so maybe don’t put all of your eggs in this basket?

In terms of its price, it currently costs $0.000000000154 (March 2022) per coin, but things might change pretty soon - as with any other token.

How and Where to Buy Sanshu Inu Coin?

If you're serious about purchasing some Sanshu Inu tokens and want to add them to your portfolio, you might not be able to do so with fiat directly. You'll first need to purchase crypto such as BTC, ETH, or BNB and may then need to set up an account on Binance or Coinbase if you already don’t have one.

Then all you have to do is link your wallet to an exchange that allows for the purchase of SANSHU: you can use either your Metamask wallet or the notorious DEX, UniSwap.


Without a doubt, many will concur (even the most skeptical ones) that coins based on all sorts of memes are moving forward today towards the general public’s attention and more than a few crypto wallets. Albeit many don't take them very seriously, and they are regularly the subject of disparagement, they continue to grow, primarily because more and more people start believing in them, leading to a higher number of users.

Sanshu Inu is still an underdog in the crypto world. However, it has an adequate number of fans who keep praising the project and aim to turn it into one of the most sweltering digital coins as well as recruit new holders.

Also, in light of how it keeps on adding new features to its project, we see that the stage is effectively set for the coin's future - this is not your average ‘cute but nothing else’ meme coin. Every one of these ventures anticipates a splendid future for Sanshu Inu.

Nonetheless, things aren't always predictable in this wild web3 world (are they ever?), indicating that the coin could meet its demise early on.

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Dan 21 Jun

Shiba Inu parody. I don't recommend investing in this shitcoin.