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Dec 21, 2020

bestdealstoken is a type of cryptocurrency, which can be spent and traded just like any other currency. However the main difference is unlike bank-issued currencies, bestdealstoken has no central authority or anyone controlling bestdealstoken. bestdealstoken is controlled only by its users.

The project is improving the lives of abandoned dogs, with your support. The team aims to reduce the population of strays and to relieve their hunger, thirst and suffering. bestdealstoken also seeks permanent homes for puppies and adult dogs.

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User reviews
Julian Deep 25 January 2021

Many websites out there which give a good coverage on available cryptocurrencies, but I have recently stumbled into established platform with very good selection of promising cryptocurrencies including the name of world oldest language Tamil, I believe the currency already starts the journey in the path of ruling the cryptocurrency world. The information they provide in the site is very relevant to the current market and the contents are rich, really helps to make the right choices easier.

Zain 22 December 2020

Good cryptocurrency!

Mason 22 December 2020

Bestdealstoken is a very good currency, it is easy to trade with. The fact that it is controlled by buyers is another benefit. It is good that the ultimate goal is to help suffering dogs which is close to my heart and believe they are doing a very good job at bringing an end to this suffering.