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Sep 04, 2019

AppCoins (APPC) token is ERC20 compliant and listed on major crypto exchanges. The coin is also supported by the number of popular wallets.

The idea of AppCoins is to ensure more transparency and trust in the mobile advertising space. This way, all stakeholders of the app economy will benefit. Using this token, end users are now able to buy items inside the app.  

The blockchain applies Proof-of-Attention protocol. In other words, users are paid with coins for their attention. Upon that, these coins cannot be exchanged for fiat money.

You can leave your feedback and reviews about AppCoins cryptocurrency on Cryptogeek.info. 

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Transaction speed 4/5
Technology 5/5
Security 4/5
Investment potential 3/5
Reputation 4/5
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Keith 13 30 January, 2:24 PM

I like the concept of it all. I hope for a great future of this project!