Best AI Crypto Coins - A Full Top List

Best AI Crypto Coins - A Full Top List
Jun 21, 2024 1
Best AI Crypto Coins - A Full Top List

AI crypto coins are on the rise as of June 2024. People get interested in AI cryptos as the AI theme itself has been a hot topic lately. Not to mention that cryptocurrency is still a buzz. According to Google Trends, searches related to AI cryptocurrencies have grown significantly by the summer of 2024. 

It's fair to say though that the first wave of interest in AI tokens took place back in 2023. Interestingly enough, the value of many leading AI tokens saw a significant drop at the same period. It created a buying opportunity which could draw people's attention to AI crypto. 

At the same time the chip making company Nvidia (NVDA) closely associated with the AI industry becomes the most valuable company in the world hitting $3.34 trillion in June 2024.

This article provides an insight into an AI crypto, lists the best AI crypto tokens, predicts the future of the segment, etc. 

What Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Crypto Coins?

AI crypto is a type of token used in the blockchain networks used for AI-related projects. Some of them are used in the development of AI services, others for operation. AI systems benefit from decentralization, transparency, and safety garnered by blockchains. 

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The blockchain-based services are used for training AI, performing certain actions with the use of AI, and so on. AI can analyze the tokenized data and learn from it. As both AI and blockchain technologies are versatile, the AI blockchains are used in various industries whether it's healthcare, finance, supply chains or others. AI-infused blockchain platforms can be used in self-acting decision-making, prediction systems, machine learning, and more. More than that, AI development needs computational power and some blockchain-based projects are aimed at serving this problem.

The tokens’ roles in these projects include serving as a native currency of these platforms. They can be used to pay transaction fees, pay for services, or serve as a means of exchange within the platform or between several AI-powered platforms. If the tokens are part of the PoS-based platform, they can be used for staking and the platform governance. 

How Do AI Tokens Work?

Most of the AI cryptos are the Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens or BNB Smart Chain-based BEP-20 tokens. The operation of tokens is regulated via the smart contracts. The distribution starts right when the genesis block is created. However, some projects prefer a pre-sale model in which tokens are distributed before the project launch. It helps to raise more money for the project development. 

The token holders serve as the platform stakeholders if the platform uses PoS or a similar consensus mechanism. The incentives for the token holders can include the staking rewards, the rewards for providing computational power or the data for AI. All in all, it's safe to say that the tokens' role can vary vastly depending on the platform.

How to Find the Best AI Coin?

Choosing a worthy AI token is no different to finding any other type of cryptocurrency to invest in. There are several strong rules to follow to avoid losses:

Check what was the token's price in the previous years: If you see that the token's best days have gone several years ago, investing in it may turn out too risky and it's better to look for other options.

Check if the token has a real use case: If the project doesn't offer something interesting, if it doesn't solve any problem, the chances of the token's price for ever taking off are little (the exception to this rule are the meme coins).

Check who are the dev team: Investing in anonymous projects can be dangerous as there are more chances that the project is a scam/rug pull, etc. If the dev team is public, read about them to ensure they are not suspicious.

Check the unbiased reviews: Search through Reddit, forums, and other platforms to see what people speak about the project. Beware of shills though.

Check the social media of the project: See if the project is active, check if it follows its roadmap, how people react to their posts and how the company reacts to the negative comments. Make sure they try to help those clients who ask for help.

On top of the tips on choosing the best AI crypto, there are a couple of things to remember when you invest: don't invest more than you can afford to lose and don't put all the eggs in the same basket, invest in several tokens. It helps when some of them turn out to be worthless.

Best AI Crypto Coins

While you can simply check the top AI tokens by market capitalization and choose some of the best-performing ones, we offer several pickups for the 2024 selection.

NEAR Protocol

In terms of market cap, NEAR Protocol is the only top 20 AI crypto as of June 2024, so it's the leading AI cryptocurrency. The NEAR Protocol blockchain is used for building decentralized apps on top of it. In contrast to Ethereum, NEAR Protocol offers cheap and fast transactions and the ability to operate huge volumes of transactions without downtime. 

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The token is available on major exchanges, including Binance, Bitget,, OKX, MEXC, and among others. Although the all-time high dates back to 2022, the NEAR Protocol saw a  The platform was founded by engineers Illia Polosukhin and Alexander Skidanov. is another project that seems to have bright prospects. As of June 2024, the token is among 30 cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. The token has been on the market since 2019, however, it really skyrocketed only in the spring of 2024, peaking at $3.45. You can trade on such established exchanges as Binance, Coinbase, Bitget,, MEXC, OKX, and others. 

The platform allows clients to build and monetize AI services on top of it. The founders of the company are Humayun Sheikh, Toby Simpson, and Thomas Hain. Simpson and Sheikh had prior experience in AI projects.


Render is another AI crypto that saw a significant rise in the spring of 2024. The token entered the market in 2020 and experienced spikes reflecting the overall market rise ups in 2021. As of June 2024, the Render token occupies the 35th position by market cap. The token is traded at Binance,, MEXC, Coinbase,, Butunix, and other exchanges.

The Render Network blockchain is the P2P platform used to accumulate the spare computational power of users to rent it out for people using it for rendering the motion graphics and visual effects. The Render token is paid as the reward for this. The company founder is Jules Urbach, a strong expert and awarded innovator in CGI technologies.


SingularityNET is one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and one of the AI tokens that saw an uprising in the spring of 2024. The project has been around since 2018 and saw a series of ups and downs throughout the years. Binance,, MEXC, and Bitget are the top exchanges where you can trade a SingularityNET token.

The token is used on the network that facilitates creating and managing the services related to AI. The platform was created as an AI marketplace by Ben Goertzel and David Hanson in 2017.

The Future of AI Crypto

In the 2020s, both cryptocurrency and AI keep on rising, occupy new grounds, and interact with each other. As AI has a lot to offer in the upcoming years, without a doubt the cryptocurrency industry will respond to this. 

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In general, AI cryptos seem to have much potential for growth. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that the AI coins leading in 2024 will be definitive in the future.


AI cryptos are riding the wave of the AI hype. Many of these tokens have entered the top 100 by market cap. Not all of them have been on the rise as of lately though. We have highlighted the leading AI coins that saw spikes in the spring and summer of 2024 and added the NEAR Protocol as the AI coin with the highest market cap to date.

Choosing AI tokens for investment doesn't require many specific factors to consider. Happily there is enough information on the top AI tokens and their developers so you can choose wisely.

The opinions and assessments expressed in the text are the views of the author of the article and may not represent the position of Cryptogeek. Do not forget that investing in cryptocurrencies and trading on the exchange is associated with risk. Before making decisions, be sure to do your own research on the market and the products you are interested in.

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