The price of the Noah Coin token instantly soared by 1500%

The price of the Noah Coin token instantly soared by 1500%
Apr 21, 2020 1
The price of the Noah Coin token instantly soared by 1500%

A few hours ago, trading volumes of the little-known altcoin did not exceed $ 200, but now this figure is about $ 144 thousand!


What is NOAH Coin?

NOAH Coin is an ERC-20-based token of the digital NOAH platform, which is supported by the Ethereum blockchain. The total number of coins is limited by the number of 91.584.000.000 coins, of which 32.687.957.978 are in circulation.

This project was conceived with the goal of creating a social infrastructure based on blockchain technology. First of all, it was focused on Filipinos who are forced to travel to work in Japan. The primary tasks are the development of the market for financial transactions, money transfers and social support for users.

At the moment, the possibility of transferring NOAH Coin without an internal commission has been implemented: the user only pays a tax on a currency transaction when exchanging the Japanese yen for a NOAH token.


The NOAH price spike

On Tuesday, October 29, the price of the Noah Coin token increased by 56% in 10 minutes, and then by another 1 500% to $ 0.004252, according to Coinmarketcap. Also, according to the portal, the trading volumes of a little-known asset increased by 110 078% - from $ 148 to $ 144.000.

After such an increase in the exchange rate, the asset capitalization exceeded $ 140 million. The token took 44th place in the list of the largest digital money in this indicator. An altcoin is represented at several small platforms, but the bulk of the transactions (99.82%) takes place on ChainX, it is on this platform that the cost of Noah Coin is now ten times higher than on others.

Sharp fluctuations in the value of low liquid assets may result from the use of the Pump & Dump scheme. It is widespread in the blockchain industry due to the lack of regulation.


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