What You Can Do in Metaverse Today

What You Can Do in Metaverse Today
Jul 07, 2022 0
What You Can Do in Metaverse Today

The term "Metaverse" has become very popular in the tech community in the last few years. Large global corporations and small startups are developing new digital worlds. Although their developments are in a primitive stage, the Metaverse development market has reached almost 48 billion dollars this year, and by 2030 its volume may grow multiple times.

The Metaverse, as we imagine it, has not yet appeared. But it's getting close. Now there are many things you could do in the Metaverse, and we will list some of them.


Metaverses are similar to games, so they expand gaming capabilities, such as communication with other users and an immersive environment.

Axie Infinity (AXS and SLP), Illuvium (ILV), MOMOverse (MBOX), and STARL Metaverse (STARL) are just some of the pioneers of crypto gaming who are building their metaverses.

Real Estate

With NFT technology, items become the unique property of the buyer, which is available for resale. Today some realtors are already engaged in the sale of digital real estate.

An excellent example of how this concept can change the real estate market is Decentraland (MANA), in which land in prestigious areas is more expensive. If the player acquires several plots in the neighborhood, then he can build large buildings on them. The problem is that there is always not enough land, which is expensive. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time in the game to purchase a suitable property.

In Decentraland, not just an exchange of items is available. Here you can get hold of various games and activities with which other users can interact.

There are already other crypto platforms in which you can invest in almost everything: houses, cars, yachts, and other items; it's The Sandbox (SAND) and Keys Token (KEYS).


During the pandemic, British illustrators moved traditional Zoom calls to the space of the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. In 2020, in the game Fortnite, rapper Travis Scott performed in front of 12 million players at a virtual concert.

When progress steps forward a little more, holding events in the Metaverse, from work meetings to children's matinees, can become commonplace.

Private life

Just as dating apps have changed the relationship market beyond recognition in just a few years, Metaverses can also break into our personal lives.

Some of our basic needs are already taken care of by adult industry NFT pioneers Pleasure Network and their PleasureLand Metaverse, in which users can play, communicate or even earn NSFW tokens as a reward for content.


The Metaverse is a space in the digital world that exists simultaneously with the present. It is a parallel reality, but the actions in the digital universe affect the events of the real world.

There are already quite a few legitimate Metaverse use cases. If you want to invest in any trending projects, HitBTC offers a variety of Metaverse-related trading pairs. 

Metaverses will expand business opportunities with virtual offices and investments in digital objects. Companies are already opening their digital stores and placing ads on the billboards of the Metaverse. Events are held in the digital universe, and in the future digital spaces will become a platform for learning.

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