Electroneum Price Prediction 2021-2025 - Should You Buy It?

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Electroneum Price Prediction 2021-2025 - Should You Buy It?

Knowing the future value of this or that cryptocurrency asset is critically important for those who do their money through trading or investing in cryptocurrencies and depend on the moves of the prices.

Many people believe that the future prices of cryptocurrencies can't be predicted. Nevertheless, we know that in fact there is a logic behind the fluctuations in the prices. Considering the fact that we can see this logic retrospectively, there is clearly a chance to make forecasts of future prices. Today we will do our best to predict how much Electroneum Coin will cost by the end of 2021, by the end of 2023,  and in 2025.

  1. What Is Electroneum?
  2. A Brief History
  3. Past Performace
  4. Price Prediction

What Is Electroneum?

Electroneum Coin (ETN) is significantly different than most of the other cryptocurrencies. The selling point of this money is its focus on mobile devices and fast micropayments. It was designed as light as it's possible to make it easy to mine this coin via smartphones. Once mined the coin can be easily sent to the other Electroneum wallet holder or to the application or a game.

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The goal of the developers was to create digital money that is easy to mine, send, and store. They wanted ETN to become a cryptocurrency widely used for making day-to-day purchases all over the world, especially targeting developing countries. The idea is to provide smartphone-based pocket cryptocurrency banks to the communities that haven't had any possibility to use banks, hence PayPal and credit/debit cards. Electroneum ecosystem and the ability to mine new coins with a smartphone are supposed to give these people more financial freedom and opportunities.

Another way Electroneum is benefiting the communities of the developing world is through the connection with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). They run the Electroneum network and get ETN coins as block rewards. Later, this money can be used to help the communities in many ways depending on the NGO's specifications. More than that, Electroneum proudly claims that its network is one of the greenest in the industry despite the need to mine new coins. According to the company's website, the entire network consumes an amount of energy equivalent to several light bulbs. Of course, it's much better than the pollution caused by Bitcoin mining which became a widely discussed problem a long time ago.

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In order to ensure the reliability of the company, Electroneum has partnered with mobile providers. No cryptocurrency company has ever had collaborations with mobile providers before. Moreover, the platform complies with the AML rules and cryptocurrency-related regulations relevant to the United Kingdom. 

Another important detail about Electroneum is that the developers created their own purpose-built blockchain for the coin. This blockchain is created using the source code of Bitcoin. The blockchain is moderated in order to prevent any possibility of a 51% attack. The maximum token supply is set to 21 billion ETN. Unlike BTC, Electroneum Coin can be used as the full units while bitcoins have to be split. Even relatively large amounts of BTC are still less than 1 BTC. The extended supply of ETN is meant to make the exchange of coins more comfortable. Without the need of dealing with decimals.

All these features, the goals, and the kind of philosophy behind the project show that Electroneum is an ambitious project that has a mission and a real vision of how to achieve goals. As a result, it makes the Electroneum community supportive.

A Brief History

The leader of the Electroneum team is Richard Ellis. He is a veteran in the questions of working with mass products that involve the Internet and smartphones. In 2013 Ellis became the CEO of Retortal, the social media marketing company with respectable clients and dozens of millions of dollars in volume.

In 2015 Ellis and his partners began to work on a new cryptocurrency and blockchain. Electroneum headquarters can be found in the UK. In July 2017 Electroneum Ltd was registered. The Electroneum ICO was held in September — October 2017. The company has raised around $40 million. That was definitely a successful campaign compared to many other ICOs. The number of participants holds the industry record — over 115,000 investors have bought the coins. Soon, ETN coins have become available on many huge cryptocurrency exchanges, including Huobi, KuCoin, Cryptopia, etc. At the time of writing this article (December 19, 2020) it is reported that over 2.7 million people have downloaded the Electroneum application.

Past Performance

Electroneum Coin has hit the market right amidst the international cryptocurrency craze — in November of 2017. During the first month, it was traded below $0.1, at times around $0.04 but in early December things have started to change. The rise of the price coincided with listing on HitBTC. In December — January the price kept the position above $0.1 most of the time. 

By the end of January 2018, the price had dropped. The fact that it didn't drop earlier together with many other cryptocurrencies in that period is quite unusual. It happened at the same time when China has banned cryptocurrencies so the entire industry has experienced stress. In March 2018 KuCoin, Bitbns, and CoinSpot listed Electromeum bringing the opportunity to buy ETN with fiat money. However, it didn't reflect on the asset's price anyhow. The price continued to fall down. It has kept on falling the entire spring and June. There was a short resurgence in July when the price has climbed up above $0.01 per coin for several days just to drop down on August 5 again. This time the coin started to lose its value quickly.

By mid-September of 2018, the ETN coin has been trading at around $0.005. Together with Bitcoin the price of Electroneum Coin increased on September 22 and reached $0.02 at some point in October. Probably it was partly triggered by the news of the upcoming adding of the ETN-Fiat trading pair on Sistemkoin. When Electroneum got listed on Sistemkoin exchange (October 30) the price has already begun to meltdown. In November the BTC market began to shrink drastically, and this trend has affected the entire cryptocurrency industry. The Liquid exchange has added ETN to its list but it didn't have an effect on the Electroneum Coin's price. Unfortunately for most altcoins, their prices are quite dependent on the price fluctuations of Bitcoin.ETN is not an exclusion. It's not surprising that the Electroneum price has dropped reaching around $0.005 by January 17, 2019.

In March 2019 Electroneum Coin was listed on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges — Huobi Global. The state of the market was quite poor those days but this event made the price rise from $0.005 per coin to $0.006 for some time. By the end of the spring, ETN was trading for roughly $0.005 again. In August, the price lowered even stronger breaking the $0.004 support level. But that was not the bottom. In September the price reached as little as $0.0034 per 1 ETN. It struggled to reach $0.004 until the end of the fall. Only by late January 2020, Electroneum Coin's price had reached the $0.004 support level but it wasn't for a long time. In March 2020, the entire cryptocurrency market experienced one of the biggest shocks. Numerous investors were selling all their coins in a hurry to get some cash to pay the brokers at the melting stock markets. Of course, Electroneum wasn't an exclusion when all other crypto assets were losing their value. At certain moments of the second half of March, the ETN price was slightly above $0.001. On May 16, the price shortly spiked and surpassed the $0.01 mark. Quickly the price has declined twice.

For the rest of 2020, the price was fluctuating around the half a cent level. In 2021, together with the rest of the crypto market the ETN price started to grow rapidly. On February 14 the price peaked at $0.015. One month later, the price has climbed to $0.0199. Severtal days later, the price was already $0.039. Since then the price was going up and down. As for April 19, 2021, the price is $0.024. The currency is the 147th in terms of market cap which is $429,865,122.

It's fair to say that all this time great achievements of Electroneum in terms of technologies, publicity, listing on respectable exchanges, and so on weren't helping the price to skyrocket or even to stop from dropping. Additionally, we must realize that ETN has entered the crypto market at one of the market highest peaks. As the crypto market has a tendency to follow Bitcoin in terms of price trends, ETN had to lose its initially high price together with the rest of the market almost from the very beginning. We can't blame the Electroneum team or architecture for this. As mentioned before, surprisingly the ETN's price was struggling longer than many other assets in early 2018. The project has quite a strong support on the social media crypto communities. It seems that Electroneum has its chance in the future. Let's try to figure out how much ETN can cost by the end of this year, in 2023 and 2025.

Price Prediction


Electroneum keeps on developing. Most probably this project won't have serious issues on the technical side. For years, the team was provining itself as a great technicians. As the crypto market is highly volatile in 2021 it is hard to predict clearly where the price is heading. Overall situation is rather a crypto-friendly, as crypto is getting percived better by banks and governments while the traditional monetary system is not in the best form. With the probability of 62% by the end of 2021, ETN price will reach 6 cents. There is a 20% probability that the price won't grow significantly by the end of 2021 and will keep in the 2 - 3 cents range. The 18% probability is that the price will even decline by the end of the year. At worst ETN price can drop to $0.016.


The Bitcoin price has already proved to be more stable than some of the strong national currencies so investors turned to BTC in spring 2020 while the fiat currencies were not so brilliant. If the ETN team will be lucky and skillful enough and manage to maintain the asset's presence in the informational zone, many people who suffered from the COVID-19 financial aftermath may like this simple-in-use asset suitable for small and fast transactions. We believe that the Electroneum team is professional enough to boost the ETN price to the $0.25 level or even higher by 2023. If the growth turns out not as smooth and stable, the price might reach as low as 5 cents.


It's not easy to figure out which trend will be actual for Electroneum and the entire world financial practice in general in 2025. It's understood that the countries of the first world will improve their economies after coronavirus while many developing countries will be affected much worse and the crisis will probably still have its effects in 2025 in the countries that were targeted by Electroneum from the very beginning. The Electroneum price can seriously grow in such an environment because its ecosystem can remain friendlier to the people than banks and other official monetary institutions. Our bullish prediction is that 1 ETN will cost $2. If there are some circumstances that will help fiat money against cryptocurrency dominance in the developing economies, the price may simply double since 2023 and reach from $0.1 to $0.5.

The opinions and assessments expressed in the text are the views of the author of the article and may not represent the position of Cryptogeek. Do not forget that investing in cryptocurrencies and trading on the exchange is associated with risk. Before making decisions, be sure to do your own research on the market and the products you are interested in.

Marcio Zaveri
22 April, 8:02 PM
Hey Jonathan, you were amazing. I am currently investing in ETN and have some on the app due to mining feature (removed last year). Your post was cheerful and makes me wanna hold for much longer time than I was expecting. Possibly I am holding till 2025 easily now.

Keep doing this great job you are right now.


Markus Leitner
29 March, 7:41 AM
Guter Artikel - allerdings sind die Preisprognosen komplett falsch