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POA Network (POA)

By Cryptogeek | 04 Sep

POA Network (POA) is the native token of an open-source POA network for smart contracts. The token is built on the POA project’s blockchain and listed on several exchanges.

This Ethereum-compliant network uses the “Proof-of-Authority” consensus algorithm, which, as the POA team believes, is going to set the trend for the coming years. One of the POA network’s ideas is to let users enjoy more cost-effective transactions. For example, using this network for in-game purchases is one of the use cases. All validators of the network are the residents of the USA.  

See the POA Network's market cap and volume on the widget of our partner. The latest POA price is also available on this website. You are welcome to leave your feedback and reviews about POA Network cryptocurrency here.


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