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Pillar (PLR)

By Cryptogeek | 04 Sep

Pillar (PLR) is the native token of the Pillar payment system. It is currently based on cryptocurrency Ethereum protocol and listed on a few exchanges paired with major cryptos.

Pillar mobile wallet is available for both Android and IoS platforms. It maintains not only ERC-20 token standard, but also ERC-721 assets. You can buy crypto for USD, GBP and EUR here. With this wallet, you can use the private keys option, as well as to buy and exchange various token assets. Through WalletConnect, Pillar enables an easy interaction with dapps. 

Feel free to check out the Pillar's market cap and volume on the widget of our partner. Also, you can find out the latest PLR price on this website. You can leave your feedback and reviews about Pillar cryptocurrency here.


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