Crypto Service Google Play Account Terminated For No Reason After 2 Years of Service

Crypto Service Google Play Account Terminated For No Reason After 2 Years of Service
Sep 13, 2023 12
Crypto Service Google Play Account Terminated For No Reason After 2 Years of Service

Google Play is the host of more than two-thirds of all application downloads, making the loss of a Google Play developer account nothing short of a nightmare for any Android app developer. While it is possible to profit from distributing the app outside Google Play, it's likely that the majority of potential users will miss out on the application due to its absence on the most popular platform.

The Internet is brimming with similar stories where app developers report that their Google Developer account was terminated without any clear reason. Google Play typically does not provide a detailed explanation beyond citing a violation of the rules. The lack of human oversight in this process appears evident. Once a Google Developer account is terminated, it is barred for life. 

The only path to reinstatement involves making the issue public, rallying community support, and applying pressure on Google Play to restore the account. Interestingly, media attention often prompts some developers to receive actual human support from Google Play, leading to the reinstatement of their accounts. This situation confirms the reality of random terminations, which is especially concerning considering the difficulty in contacting Google Play and establishing the legitimacy of your product.

This summer, the Geek Family's account became yet another developer account that Google Play terminated without an apparent reason or prior warning. Along with the account, the apps 'Buy Pancake Swap' and 'Buy Uniswap' by Geek Family were also removed from Google Play. A representative from Google Play informed us that these apps contained malware and phishing codes, but our investigation failed to find any evidence of such claims. Our counter-arguments were dismissed and we are left with a lifetime ban on the most critical platform, a complete lack of feedback or human support, and an inability for our app users to receive updates in their usual way through Google Play.

The array of applications developed and launched by Geek Family encompasses Buy USDT ETH, Buy USDC Polygon, Buy BTC, among others. These apps provide straightforward and user-friendly platforms for one-click cryptocurrency exchanges, thereby opening up the world of cryptocurrencies to novice users. Although we are relatively new entrants in the Google Play market, our products have been utilized by tens of thousands of people. At the time of our account termination, we were garnering 10,000 downloads monthly, and the total number of downloads had surpassed the 50,000 mark. The increasing number of monthly downloads and positive responses from users suggested that we were on the right path. However, our projections were abruptly curtailed by the unexpected developer account suspension.

The Story

On June 30, Google Play sent us an email notifying us that our developer account had been terminated due to violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement. They didn't provide any specifics.

We responded to Google Play with an appeal asserting that we hadn't breached any policies. We clarified that our app employs a webview window of MoonPay, a third-party app available on Google Play. Furthermore, we emphasized our willingness to modify our products if Google Pay could identify the portions of code that supposedly contain malware.

Days later, Google Play affirmed their decision to delete our account and emphasized that it couldn't be reinstated. They warned that any attempt to register a new account would be unsuccessful. In their email, Google Play corroborated that the reason for termination was alleged malware detected in our PancakeSwap app. According to them, it contained a phishing code used to relay user credentials to a third party. However, our in-house expertise didn't find any such elements in our products.

We reached out to Google Play once more, informing them that our app utilizes the trustworthy code source from We highlighted that the app was built using the official Google app builder Bubblewrap and adheres to all Google Play policies. We later submitted the latest versions of our apps, allowing Google Play to verify once more that our apps are free from malware. However, the subsequent response from Google Play didn't bring anything new to the table.

Where Are We Now

Currently, we don't have a Google Play developer account. We are unable to provide our users with app updates via Google Play, and our apps are no longer accessible there. Google Play maintains that we will never be permitted on their platform again due to violations we deny committing. We're certain there's no chance of malware in our apps, even inadvertently. Unfortunately for us and our community, Google Play seems to prefer severing ties with random developers rather than working with them to resolve issues.

A noteworthy aspect of this situation is that our apps are still available on the App Store — a platform recognized for its stringent approach to app approvals, especially those associated with cryptocurrencies. If they believe our apps are legitimate, why do Google Play's algorithms perceive us as a threat?

We are convinced that if we had the opportunity to speak with a real person at Google Play, this misunderstanding could have been resolved in favor of both ourselves and our community. History supports this belief. Google Play has reinstated developers' accounts following social media attention. The lack of protection for Android developers against such unfair practices must change.

Our Goal

We are committed to reclaiming the Geek Family developer account. Our apps should be allowed back on Google Play, as they meet the platform's standards. We call on the Android developer community, the users of the 'Buy PancakeSwap With a Card' app, and everyone who supports fair IT practices to spread our story. We hope that Google Play's actual staff — not bots — will see our case, reinstate our account, and revise their practice of banning Android developers without proper cause. If we succeed, it will benefit Geek Family, Google Play, and you.

Please see the list of similar cases below. This is not an isolated incident but rather a systematic issue faced by numerous Android developers.

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